The Begining

My name is Ian Daniels. Actually… its not, but that is the name that I have chosen to write under for my books as well as this blog. Come to find out, it’s a royal pain to change your Facebook username if you initially set it up with a different one. You see, I’ve never blogged before. Ive never Facebooked either. What I have done is written a crap ton of articles, reviews, and opinions which along with a few other factors that i will go into another time, have all led me here.

If you dont like my pseudonym, or to get all frenchy about it, my nom de plume, well tough. Like I say, Ive been around in various internet circles under a different assumed name for a long time and I wanted a fresh start with my writing.

No doubt some enterprising pain in my butt will recognize my style or content or I’ll probably end up reposting some of my own articles to this blog, but just keep it to yourselves if you would be so kind. The ones that will probably figure it out know me personally anyhow, even from half a country away. Those who do solve the riddle have full rights to send a picture of a crazy guy with a spear, wearing a book as a loincloth to my personal cellphone or email address as a “gotchya.” Moving on…

This blog will be a simple record of some of the trials and tribulations I have gone through during the process of writing. It has both been very easy and fairly rewarding – personally, not financially at this point – and also a pain in my ass. Overall though, I have enjoyed this more than most other hobbies or activities that I have previously spent time doing.

So this is what it is. While I dont know if you the readers will get anything out of this, or if you will agree with anything or not get offended that I might swear or make a joke here and there… heck, i dont even know if anyone will be reading this anyway. I really cant promise anything other than that i will enjoy myself while doing it.



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