Bang or a Wimper?

Well Ive missed my target release date of Christmas. I set the holidays as my goal to be up and running but the date was just some thing generic to shoot for to help me stay on track and moving forward. The hold up has in all honesty, been in the art department. I had an idea of what I wanted for cover art and still want it, but have compromised on going a different direction because apparently Photo Shop has ruined any actual talented pen and paper artists. I had a hell of a time finding any actual illustrators and the one I did find wanted an extraordinary amount of money to do the work, but he was a full time pro and this is an amateur work. I don’t have a disposable $2,500 to spend on a drawing, albeit one by a very professional comic book artist. So if you are an amateur comic book style artist or know of someone who is, please get a hold of me as I still want to see the image I initially came up with that I thought would fit the story quite well.

This is not to say that I am displeased with the artist I hired. He is extraordinary and has put in way more time and effort than he probably ought to have. What he has created for me is spectacular, I just didn’t ever envision this style of artwork for my cover. As it is, I am going with his work because I want to get some sort of imaging done and get the first story out there to keep moving forward.

Also, the time hold up was not on his part, it was on mine in finding him. Really I cant say enough about Paul of Create Imaginations. Very professional in his work and correspondence.

The delay has given me the time though to format stories for both Amazon and Barnes and Noble readers. It is also fitting in well with the lag time between deleting a first attempt at a Facebook account and getting a new one up and running. I’m not a Facebooker, I didnt want to be a Facebooker. I was on Myspace briefly back in the day but the novelty wore off and MySpace Version 2.0 never grabbed hold for me,  but I am smart enough to know that I need to use every avenue available. What I didnt plan for was it would take an act of congress to change your screen name/email on Facebook more than once. So suffice it to say, the new page is not up yet, but will be shortly.


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