A New Look for the New Year

First the house keeping, Facebook is up and running again. I got the right info in there and will use it sparingly, but use it I will. This blog has also gotten cleaned up and presentable in the meantime over the holiday break too.  Also,  a preliminary version Against the Grain (AtG) is now uploaded and available through Smashwords. Amazons Kindle formatting is a lot easier for the initial set up and it will be going live soon too.

The reason I say a preliminary version, is because I finally tracked down a talented local artist looking to get some exposure. He is a really nice find for me and he can create the scene I have had in my head, in the style that I have been wanting to see. I am very happy with my original cover art and artist and released AtG with it, but depending on a little blind taste test between the two, I’m planing to swap the cover to my new one being created and use the original one in marketing and for various profile avatars and such.

So the last bit of waiting is on the new art work, then this all goes live to the world. I do want to thank the first three people that have bought AtG on smashwords. Having done no marketing yet, I’m sure they just came across it while tooling around on the site, but when I got the notification that I had sold actual copies of something i wrote, I’ll admit there is a little bit of pride that welled up. Here’s hoping I can sell three more.


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