The world might not actually be my oyster

My editor/collaborator asked me a week ago what I was hoping to see this book do for sales now that it had been released. It took me a few minutes to come up with a number based on absolutely nothing. No facts, no projections, not having talked to other authors… I threw a number out there that I wanted to sell in the first week. Im three days away from the first week coming to an end and Im at just under 20% of that sales goal.

I kind of dont care though. I mean I want this to do well enough I guess, but I was never in it to make money. I didnt want any notoriety or else i wouldnt have used a pen name, so why did I write and publish it at all? I guess because it was fun. It would be fun for me to sell enough copies to buy a box of ammo after I make up the costs incurred so far, but if I dont then I’ll still probably finish writing the other two books.

Now this isnt to say that its done poorly. I havent advertised at all. Just this week me and a friend have posted a couple of threads on a handful of gun/survival message boards letting people know its out there. Today I have emailed a few other bloggers and authorsĀ  to advise them of the same and to try not to sound like Im begging for a review or free advertising, because Im not. It is a small community of books in this genre and I wanted to throw my hat into the ring and give someone something to read.

I say it is a small community but it is not as small as I thought. I knew there was an uptick in books being released that featured similar topics or plots lately, but after my searching today I never knew just how many there were. And make no mistake, they are by better writers who have put way more time, thought, and money in than i have. Im not intimidated though. like my editor told me the other night,

You’re not an author. Yes you wrote a book. I used to sleep in a garage, it didn’t make me a car, … Other authors in this genre… are survivalists that wrote books. If they were authors that wrote survivalist books it would be different… Remember your audience. Are you writing to make it a bestseller? Didn’t think so. You are writing for the prepper community. They will like it.”

That’s the kind of backhanded encouragement that keeps me going lol.


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