The Reviews Are In!

As the first round of people who bought the book are finishing it, the reviews have begun to trickle in, and I have to say I am overwhelmed with their generosity. Really I hoped it would be well received, but the people who have described the nuisances of the characters (which I didn’t work hard enough on imo), along with calling out a few writing techniques that I tried out for the first time, well those people who in their reviews identified the little things that make the whole story work have really been a nice pat on the back to me.

I know they wont all be good but for a first timer still trying to muddle through the self writing, publishing, marketing and promoting, good reviews at first are all you can really ask for.

Also I have found a few grammar and spelling errors that in 20 readings by my editor and myself, we still some how missed them. We are in process of fixing those and will update both the Amazon and Smashwords documents. I believe both companies send out an  email to anyone who has already bought a book, telling them that a new version is out free of charge to if you have already purchased an earlier version.

Also and an exciting point for me personally, once these final changes are made, the paperback version of this book will become available. Im oldschool and like reading words on paper, so while an e-book with its associated lower price and no space to take up on your shelf is more economical, I like the idea of my book being in physical print.


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