Well as you can see Ive changed things up a little bit. Ive decided to split this blog into two sections, one on writing, and one on, for lack of a better term, survival. I have somewhat different ideas on survival type stuff, those views are a lot less prepper mainstream than most. In a word, I would define it as Practical. Look for more on that in the Warriors Life section.

The writing section will be stuff more geared towards readers and other writers who are curious about how these stories all came about and are continuing.

This main ‘Home’ page I will continue to use for any larger updates or announcements about Against the Grain and the future writings. Speaking of which, the Paperback option has gone live on Amazon for Against the Grain, and thus, the Createspace promo has ended.

Also one last note, a big thank you to everyone’s replies on the various forums, and the encouragement through the very generous reviews. A few of the threads on a couple of the different sites have frustratingly been locked or deleted by their mods and admin. Frustrating because those were mostly the threads that had some actual back and forth conversations happening. I guess the sites didnt like that I was semi-promoting, and I get that, but its not like I was hard core spamming. I see dialog for other books all the time, maybe its just because as the author I was the one to start the thread. That being said, I humbly encourage anybody and everybody to start a quick thread or add to one if you see it in your travels on the net. Those dialogs, along with the Amazon reviews, help me evaluate how this is doing and what changes I may need to target.

Thanks everybody!


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  1. Man, I hear you when you are talking about whiny moderators. I saw one of your posts over at…well, let’s just say they are part of a Society of folks Prepared to shut you down when they should be welcoming you. The only reason I ever visit that site is to see if Jerry D. Young has posted anything new. I just wanted to invite you to visit SurvivalCacheForum and drop me a line in the Survival Fiction thread. We have several authors who drop in from time to time, from Steven Knight to Terry McDonald, and over on the zombie thread (don’t laugh, we really have a good time) JW Vohs likes to sit in and comment as well. My screen name there is Texas Bill.

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