A funny little milestone came and went without me remembering to watch for it. Amazon has a coded algorithm that wont put a book on other peoples Suggested Reading or Also Bought lists until that book has reached a certain status… a nice way to say sales. Well, Against the Grain hit that number a week or so ago without me really paying attention to the fact. But it is a big fact as first, I saw a statistic once that something like 95% of authors only sell around 500 books over that book’s lifetime. Lets just say we passed that a while ago, so good on me.

Now secondly and more important as to why achieving that algorithm is important is because I have still yet to do any real marketing and sales are still very positive, and this will only help. I cant even guess at how many times Ive bought books on Amazon through the Similar to or Suggested Reading lists when I logged in to just get one specific book and ended up ordering a dozen. What I really need to do is go back and review those books Ive picked up over the years. It cannot be stated enough how important reviews are for an author and their book.

I only wish Smashwords/Barnes and Noble would have a fraction of those same results. The wave of the future may be E-books, and Amazon is still the runaway winner in that arena.

Also in other recent and ongoing developments I have been waiting for over a week to get activated on a couple of different forums that I have been invited to register on. Wish the mods would jump on it. I have helped mod a good sized  forum or two and it is not that much work to make sure stuff is running smoothly, timely and efficiently. The worst part is I dont want to get on those forums to spam them for the book, there are some good discussions happening and I have a question or two that one specific community in particular would be able to help me out with but I cant post yet – you hear that FalFiles?


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