Coming Soon…

Coming Soon...

See how it began… well you know, after it already started. See how it started after it had already began? See what happened before the other one that was set a year or two into it all? This one is a prequel, let’s just go with that.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Ian, just checked Amazon to see if “Pillars in the Fall”is out yet, but as of June 28th, 2013 it is not showing up. So any better estimate than “soon” yet?

    • Pillars should be out… shortly. lol. Basically everything is ready and I am 8 chapters into my final read through to make sure there arent any missed commas or anything like that. Honestly the big hold up has been the incredibly nice weather weve been having. Ive been out camping with the family or working in the garden more than sitting at the computer. I would roughly estimate 2 weeks at the latest. Thanks for the interest!

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