Lessons from Egypt

Ya’ll remember the last time Egypt melted down? I do. It wasnt all that long ago. February of 2011 to be specific.

Here is the transcription I painstakingly did on a letter read during that time from a comedy podcast when a guy emailed in after hearing the hosts trying to figure out whats happening in Egypt (Mike O’mera Show). Everyone has their own point of view and slant, but knowing that, I still always listen to the guy on the ground.

“My name is Ali, I was born and am currently living in Egypt…the problem is foreigners see this potential revolution as a good thing… my family and friends stay home with a curfew of 5pm. At night we and 30 of our neighbors in the building have to stand outside with melee weapons and block the streets fearing that looters will come our way. In the more traffic heavy areas prisoners are breaking free, museums are being attacked, shopping malls and police stations are being lit on fire, not to mention the countless that have been wounded or even killed.

The perpetrators of these horrible acts are the demonstrators themselves. The Egyptian pound has plummeted, all the shops have closed and all these ignorant people insist on Mubarak’s resignation and changing the constitution when none of the protesters actually agree on what to do after all is said and done. Most haven’t even read the constitution. Democrats and violent islamists who are protesting together now would wage a civil war over who would be next in power and that wont be like it is now with Army vs civilians where everyone knows they will lose. It will be civilian vs civilian where everyone seems to think they have a fighting chance.

Yes our government is corrupt and yes last weekends demonstration may have rescued future generations from the same kind of corruption but enough is enough. Mubarak has already created a new government last week. One that definitely is better than the previous and has already addressed some of the most important issues in our country… people are killing each other in the streets over an administration that will end in 6 months which will be followed by an election in september. What they dont see is that burning the nation to the ground until then wont make it easier for the next administration. The protesters here who people are calling ‘pro mubarak’ are actually those who want the fear and rampage caused by those protesters to stop.

… also dont trust anything al jezerra says. We’ve been watching that channel live through this ordeal… and do what? Build a country ready to fight Israel? is that what they think the Egyptian people need right now?”

Why did it happen the last time? The overall cause is a governmental system that does not believe in a free people but the immediate causes: High unemployment rate and high food prices mixed with an insane population density.

And now its all happening again.

Can it happen here? You bet.

The question is, what would you do about it? That is only something you can answer for yourself. All I can hope for all of us, is that we truly know why we do the things we do.


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