Pillars in the Fall

Today is the day, depending on what time Amazon wants to get this show on the road (takes up to 12 hours to appear once published). The ebook version of Pillars in the Fall, the prequel to Against the grain, is open for sale and consumption for the readers.

Honestly I’m really happy with it. Really honestly, I’m a lot more happy with it then I thought I’d be. I didn’t ever envision writing this part of the story so it was new to me if that makes any sense. With AtG I had that stuff floating in my head for years. This one I was coming at from nowhere.

The story itself I think is better written than AtG, and while it has the same feel and style, it is a slightly different story and it’s going to push some people. From the reviews on my first book, and a continued understanding of the audience that these stories get read by, some people are going to not like this one. It’s darker and not everything is clear-cut or how you hope it will be. I wont go as far to say that it challenges anyone’s preconceived notions, but it might just showcase what measures some people can justify in desperate times.

Well isn’t that a happy thought to announce a new book with!


4 thoughts on “Pillars in the Fall

  1. Great…freaking…book!!! A bit more “edgy” than “Against The Grain”, but that edginess played out as a positive aspect. Really like the writing style and I’ve been pulled in by the overall arc of the story. Already looking forward to your next effort.

    • Really glad you liked… appreciated, the “edgy-ness.” Ive been pretty concerned that it would turn a lot of readers off, but wanted to show a slide into that direction because I do think its reality that not everyone, including fine churchgoing type people, are immune from the necessity of morally or ethically challenging decisions, especially in a scenario like these books and others like them in this genre illustrate.

      • Not that I wear it on my sleeve or make a big deal about it, but I’m one of those churchgoing people. The way you brought out the moral and ethical paradoxes was, to me, one of the best elements of your writing here. Reflected real life. Kudos to you.

      • With that ability to objectively look at the issues presented, coming from a background similar to my own, I really enjoy hearing the feedback from you. Thanks again, and thanks for the Amazon review, those help get these books read more than anything!

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