I wanted to give a quick update now that I’m back in the land of power lines and motor engines.

Last week I went on a nice long 6 day backpack trip into the deep woods. I saw a goat, caught some trout and ate some grouse. It was what most my trips are… enjoyable. I said it in a Facebook post and I’ll say it again here, last year’s trip was where I first jotted down some thoughts that became my first book, Against the Grain.

Since then I have self published it, then within five months of the first one, I have written and published a followup sequel that is just now in its infancy of being read (and hopefully enjoyed) by others.

I can only hope the two books will continue down a good path, whatever that may be.

The third book has already taken shape and as I have eluded to before, it will be a no holds barred good time.

I do want to say thank you again to my friend and editor, and also to the readers who have gone the extra step in making sure these books are shared, reviewed and talked about. Those extra little pieces make this all worth while to a guy who didn’t ever think he would let anyone else read these stories to begin with.



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