Good Morning Vietnam… again.

The following may make use of colorful language. I dont apologize for it as it only seems appropriate to be simply and utterly pissed off.

I woke up this morning to the news of impending US strikes in Syria. I’m an information guy as well as someone that history holds an interest for, so as such, Ive been watching the continuing Syrian meltdown. Quite honestly though, I think I have fallen to the same trap that everyone else has as well. That being the trap of apathy, indifference and boredom over a continuing conflict that is far away, has not much to do with us (seemingly), and someone in the middle east is always in chaos so its just the flavor of the month. No big deal, right?

Well the United States getting involved in Syria changes that.

Here is where that non-PC, colorful language may begin.

So let me clear my throat to get this right… Mr. Kerry, Mr. President, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS YOU RETARDED, ARROGANT, IGNORANT ASSHOLES?!

Iran, Russia, and China have all told us flat out, that US involvement in Syria is a line in the sand. That doesn’t necessarily mean Russia or China are going to start targeting US resources or allies, it doesnt even mean that Iran is going to give a go-ahead to their certified religious zealot crazies that have been documented and proven to be spread and waiting from South America up through Mexico.

What it means is that the US is ripe for the picking and everyone but us seems to know it. We brought down the Soviet Union by capitalizing on their own stupid economic handling and unneeded, costly, military incursions. Smart, calculating men and women in the US orchestrated the fall of a super power without ever firing a shot. They saw the opportunity and they took it. They brought down an entire nation that subsequently split up into (slightly) more independent and manageable countries.

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m not saying we are going to Balkan-ize, but the writing has been on the wall and the opportunity just hanging out there swinging in the wind for someone to do to us, what we once did to the Soviet Union.

Costly wars combined with poor economic strategies open the gates wide for us to get boned. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq… I’m not saying we shouldn’t have gone or the mission wasn’t noble, but the way those three wars have shaped up leads to one phrase in my mind; fool-hearty.

Involvement in Syria may be showing that our hearts are in the right place. Protect the innocents from chemical weapon attacks, but then again we dont exactly have a real good track record with the truth behind motives in the middle east. Egypt being a recent example.

You want to know where some of the inspiration for the societal collapse in my books comes from? Look no further than our continuing foreign affairs policies combined with the heavy handed nature of governmental influence here at home. A stable life it does not make… for anyone.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Vietnam… again.

  1. Yup. +1 here. Assuming we have the facts straight (a HUGE assumption), can anybody in the Administration…anybody…anybody at all…explain the critical U.S. interest that will be protected or advanced by striking against Syria? How about a military objective that will be achieved (without putting boots on the ground or planes in the air…really?)?

    While I certainly have empathy for the victims of the alleged gas attack, I’m stunned by the idea that we’ll likely wind up spending bullets, beans, and bandages that we just don’t have in another attempt to fulfill the role of “world policeman”. The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result. Given our post-WWII experiences, this is insanity.

    How about we just stick to defense and enforcing the Monroe Doctrine?

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