Affordable Care, no matter what the cost.

Who could have possibly predicted that requiring everyone to have insurance whether they want it or need it or not, plus subsidizing policies for low-income people, would result in higher premiums for the rest of us?

I mean, it’s a big damned mystery isnt it?

The affordable Care Act,  aka *bamacare, is all the rage yet again. This time however, its not about the part where its unaffordable for a country or a person, its about the policies, or lack there of. Now that its getting much closer to implementation, it seems that everyone is starting to ask the very pertinent question of “seriously?”

Im not a conspiracy dude that thinks it was designed to fail or a means to get literally everyone under the governmental wing, its not to set Hillary Clinton up for a 2016 run with a platform on reform, its not to restart with a medical autocracy… I think it was put together out of good intentions, from really lost people.

And yes some of this IS about free will, free market, capitalism and all the things that 50% of the people profess to love, 50% rally against out of hate, and 99% dont understand what those things mean on any given day.

We’ll table that side of things and look at the facts for a minute… what facts can be found in this mess anyway.

The facts are that no one, including the people who wrote, presented, voted for and passed the ACA, no one knows whats in it. Even they are starting to say that nobody knows how to implement anything. Nobody has any direction, including the IRS. Business are being told, “You need to comply with X, but we have no idea how you do that. We’re not even entirely sure what X is. You’ll get fined if you don’t though.

Bill Clinton himself admitted its basically a ponzi scheme.

“This only works, for example, if young people show up… We gotta have them in the pools because utterwise all these projected low costs can not be held if older people with preexisting conditions are disproportionately represented in any given state. You gotta have everybody lined up.”

So Mr. Ex president, It’s entirely riding on the back of young and healthy people. Arent we the fattest nation in the world or did I hear Mexico just passed us on that sweat title. What about population distribution by age? Arent we looking at record numbers of baby boomers getting past retirement age, and the US has been at record lows for decades of people having kids? At what point do the numbers intersect and then disproportionately effect each other?

What do they think is going to happen when all those baby boomers rapidly decline in health in about 10-15 years and the pool of young workers is too small?

The other flaw is the number of unemployed, under employed, and the size of the income of those healthy youngsters that are working.

The numbers in the news the last two days indicate to me we’re either going to see massive non-compliance or opting to pay “the fine”. Naturally the productive taxpayers will be picking up the slack for those young adult workers that can’t afford $200 per month or more from their $24k jobs.

Of course to exacerbate things, we should really look at adding 20 million illegal immigrants to the heath care coverage. Whats the number of unemployed or under the table workers look like from that population? Maybe a subject for another time, but it is related is it not?

Im guessing the few young people that can be taxed to cover everyone else wont be all too happy when they see their paychecks. Of course there is also such a thing called the Skills Gap. Look that one up. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame is a big speaker on that subject.

The same issues are all true for social security and medicare. If the young werent financing it, it would collapse under its own weight…….as it is currently doing. We arent learning from our mistakes.

This shit is how short lived, bloody, and ultimately futile rebellions happen that end up only pushing the powers that be to take even more control. Also a subject for another time, hopefully a debate for a much later time, although I think that later time is what I will be writing about next.


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