Writing update

I haven’t talked much about writing lately, so I figure I can maybe type a few words regarding my ups and downs lately.

First, I have dived/dove back in to the third book and am really having a fun time compiling all my notes from the last year. While piecing the puzzle together, I am writing some scenes, a little here and a little there, and I think Im going to really like this next book.

And to balance that is the thought that I might be one of the few people that likes it. Reviewers are fickle, I know that. Ive heard it from everyone that has ever written not to pay attention to the negative reviews. That’s all fine and good until you dont seem to get more good than bad. I just cant get how so many books that I didnt end up liking could get so many reviews, good or bad.

My bigger problem with any negative reviews I get are that they are by people who just didnt really seem to get the books. Yes, I have found some  grammar missteps and am revising to fix those in subsequent editions, but the few that are there dont seem to take away from the story as a whole. If they did, there wouldnt be good reviews from people that dont complain about certain little things within the context of the world Ive created. I just worry that the few bad ones will keep new readers away. Its the way it goes.

In talking to a big name author, eh screw it, it was Matt Bracken, he has tried to tell me that it took his books years to get any traction and that the ones that break out of nowhere have devoted the final pages of their novels to begging and pleading for reviews. I dont want to do that but it does seem to work. I dont know, just discouraging on that front. But I can deal with it as the next highs kind of make me forget some of that.

I have found it puts a big smile on my face to be submitting to real publishers. Kind of like a milestone event. I know that statistically most, if not all, will reject it, but it still feels good to be at the point where I can at least try. I most likely wont hear back from anyone for a year or so If I ever hear anything, and even if they’re rejections, I like the process.

This morning through took me out of my new high. I had submitted both books to a staple name blog in the survival world and after they “lost” the first email, I sent a paperback to an address that they requested I send to only to have it returned because the reviewer didnt exist anymore. Then after some more emails back and forth to clear up the confusion, I hear back today that they wont be publishing a review because it was beneath their standards.

These are the same people that all but plagiarized an article I wrote years ago, to which I laughed off and chalked it up to experience. And then after their mishandling of the review submission, and reading the books out of order (which I dont think really matters, but it might), my work is beneath them for a free review. I am absolutely suffering from sour grapes right now but you know what, your site is antiquated and full of way too much “stuff” written using way too many words. But they are a pillar (if you’ll excuse the term) for people that would probably read my books, so what can I do? It really sucks because I had kind of been banking on their review open things up and kick off another good round of sales and reviews.

The few notes they provided were similar to the amazon reviews form people that make me think they just didnt give it a chance. reading in a bad mood or something? I dont know, its not like I wrote a how-to on brain surgery or created some intricate new world… so maybe the negative reviewers have a point.

The trials and tribulations of a small time, self published, self promoting, author and his narcissistic want to see something he has done succeed. 


7 thoughts on “Writing update

  1. You know what they say about haters. Well, there are several things that can be said of them. Hey, I bought your first e-book based solely on the recommendation from RL. I thought it a good story, and quite frankly believable enough in the realm of possibilities. There was indeed some food for thought to be had. Only advice I could offer…keep putting one foot in front of the other, and focus on the front sight for proper stress release.

  2. Be persistent. You spin a great yarn. And you’re developing a good writing style – punchy and edgy. Keep at it and don’t worry about the nay-sayers.

    Hemingway suffered years of rejection before he published a novel. Read Louis L’amour’s “Education of a Wandering Man” to see his long, long road to publication. Mark Twain almost starved before his writing career took off. Tom Clancy’s first publication, “The Hunt For Red October”, was sold to the Naval Press Institute for $5,000…after two years of writing, rejection, rewriting, more rejection.

    If writing was easy, everyone would do it. It’s hard. You’re got talent and you’re on a good path. Stay with it.

  3. Well, I’m here looking for details on the next book. Just finished reading Pillars. (I’m not a grammartarian). Keep writing. Hopefully, it is something you enjoy. Sorry, I’m not one to critic a book beyond I enjoyed reading it.

    • The grammar stuff is weird because its stuff that shouldnt be missed between me and my editor buddy but between us having read it five times before, stuff just gets glanced over. My editor is ticked off at himself but I told him were two amateurs doing something for the first time. live and learn.

      The next book is really coming along well and Im having a lot of fun putting it together. Teaser,two really fun new characters, more depth for Tiffany, I still really like writing for Breanne, and somebody dies that probably shouldnt.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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