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Anyone who follows me on facebook knows im a normal weird dude that has real first world problems. My current one is finding a title for the third book. Freaking Robin Thicke stole the first one I wanted to use. Some dude with a line of romance novels stole another choice… its actually harder than you might think to find a near double entendre phrase that does not go too far to one extreme or another and still fits in with the story.

Example: Pillars in the Fall.

Pillars in the End wouldnt have worked. It wasnt the end, it was the beginning. Plus it was set in late fall/early winter.

Can anyone guess how many rum and cokes Ive had by now to be writing about finding a title?

Stay tuned for more upcoming news. Black Friday spirit week(end), samples from the new book, me bitching some more about Robin Thicke…




Extra points to anyone who realized what I did with the title of this post before reading this… which by me pointing it out ruins the joke 🙂


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