Stars shine crisp, in the clear and cold air. Grass crunches under feet. Smoke waifs slowly away. The warm feel of whiskey contrasts in your contracted muscles. The air, it hurts to breath. Winter is coming and you love every second of it.


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  1. Nice action sequence but it seem like Stan does not know the rules of engagement.

    I’m curious on the 308 Saiga is that a x39 or x51? It may be too late to incorporate it in but SIG’ s 556R rifle seems to be an ideal AK type rifle. Maybe your hero can come across a buried shipping container with a few of these plus stable foods, NVG’s and replacement batteries for your red dot sights? The timing would be good considering it’s the holidays.

    Ah, keep your story the way it is, it’s so realistic as is! I enjoyed both books tremendously.


    John Guide

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