Book 3 Inspirational

Book 3 Inspirational


5 thoughts on “Book 3 Inspirational

    • I was a pretty big Suarez disciple before he started selling guns and switching his “this is the only rifle to buy” stance based on what he had in stock. He touted AK’s as wonderful until he found the Sig, then suddenly they were trash. Not “still okay”, but useless junk and he made a business model around changing things, which is fine saying people should be at the top of the ladder, but to hate on the same systems he loved so hard in such a short time span… he used to be a pretty down to earth trainer for the people and I lost a lot of respect and relate-ability over seeing all that happen. I even got banned from his forum by him personally for replying to a new guy that the Saiga 308 platform was good enough at one point, it might still be worth while to look at. The actual message I received notifying me of my banning was that I had participated in rebellious insurgency… by recommending a system they still taught specific classes for.

      So all that being said, I generally only write in weapons I have real trigger time on and the Sig while highly touted by Suarez (for now), does not get enough other good reviews for me to pick one up and try it. Same goes for the ACR which I actually have tried out and liked quite a bit, but over all reliability reports don’t really place it in my story of years into a hard use situation. I generally try to stick with stuff the common blue collar gun guy would really have and that would stand the test of time. So far, the Sig isnt even a footnote yet.

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