Got Meds?

Man, I’ll tell ya, I am scared to death of getting sick in a bad situation. I am extra careful these days when backpacking way out in the back country. One twisted knee, ankle, a good fall that throws your shoulder out of joint… not good. 

I used to know a guy that was a medic. We would shoot or camp together once or twice a year until he moved to Texas. In fact I think he took a book i loaned him with him, cant even remember what book it was… anyway when I first met him he was a medic at a clinic in an area pretty far removed from any big cities.

He came up with and gave a very good over view of the reality of medical responses in a grid down scenario. It really drove the point home that we are SOL if things ever go sideways. Even he being a medic said how there was so little that he could do on his own for someone that was hurt in a SHTF time frame.

The simple goods like enough sterile pads to stem blood loss, blood or IV fluids, enough light to perform some sort of an exploratory surgery since there are no xrays or CAT scans, medications, heck even physical therapy recovery if it all works out… which statistics say it wont.

The solution? there isnt one. Really taking care of yourself now, pre treating anything that can be pretreated, and then realizing that in a grid down scenario, there just plain isn’t much that someone can survive.

I have a headache, chills and aching joints as I write this. Went home from work early for the second time in six years. It scares the crap out of me to think what this could be like without the support I have in today’s world.



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