Writing update

Received a very nice rejection from Baen yesterday that I forgot I hadnt received yet…

Still making really good progress on book 3 and if I could finalize a title I’d have Paul Beeley start on the 3rd cover he’s done for this series.

I also have an invitation to resubmit to Prepper Press for publishing if I can rewrite the pitch as that is all they read the first time around, not the stories, which leaves me optimistic so at some point I need to switch to focusing on the new blurbs.

I have pretty much stopped trying to get any big time reviewers to release something but after looking at the sales, I could sure use another boost.


5 thoughts on “Writing update

  1. Ian, resubmit to Prepper Press. Your works are not only very good, but they push the survival/doomsday genre into a new direction. The characters are REAL, the attitudes more believable, and the grit of a real survival attitude/mindset is forefront in the reader’s mind, not the main character’s mind, as the novel is absorbed. You have a true taste for the visceral actuality of the survival struggle, not a gear guide disguised as a novel and not a plan to publish 12 books in a series…instead, you provide insight and feeling, not storytelling. I’m a huge fan. I consider your works in the top three of the survival writing group, and one of my top 5 books of all genres I read last year. Keep your chin up, your hands busy, and your heart strong.–Mark

  2. Thats what I have done so far but its really easy to do print on demand so I offer it anyway. Basically a traditional publisher *could help with the advertizing and really get it out there into other markets that I as the publisher dont have inroads with. Just seem to have hit more of a wall than a plateau with what the self-publishing author can do on their own.

    • Seems like traditional publishers are only accepting sure-fire winners these days…they’re not taking many risks on new or developing authors. Makes it extremely tough.

      Maybe get some tips from Prepper Press on building some PR buzz?

  3. Keep at it Ian.I read Pillars in the Fall and Against the Grain and enjoyed both.

    I had countless rejections from regular publishers but have been doing OK with self-publishing (3266 sales total in 2013, printed and ebooks). It’s not a living but it’s enough to see my stuff is being read and keeps me in single malt whisky 😉 I got distracted through non-fiction writing, both from my main line of work and prepping but am pressing on with my next novel now. Use any online source you can for publicity: groups, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. I’ve been lazy because word-of-mouth has been generating good sales of my books, particularly the non-fiction, but a 2 day free offer of one book publicised through Twitter hashtags got over 840 takers, and that has generated lead on sales of others.

    Your writing is fine, self-publicising is always the hard part of self-publishing. Keep at it!

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