I was reading on a forum about if authors liked to read their own work. Or similarly, if musicians liked to listen to their own music, actors watch their own movies… Lots of responses said how after the sixth or seventh rewrite/editing/read-through, the author is basically sick of the story by then. I dont know if Im doing it wrong or just if my motivation has always been different but I still havent ever gotten sick of reading my own stories.

Ive said before how I originally started my first book Against the Grain for me, never intending for anyone else to ever read it. That changed after a while but my style and purpose never did. The writing might have gotten better, but I never have written for anyone other than me. Maybe Im selfish like that but I cant even fathom doing it any other way.

As I was reading the responses in the forum posts on the subject, I did see something that made me smile:

“Stephen King doesn’t even remember writing Cujo as he was high on the pills the whole time. He said later he thought it was a pretty novel and was on the edge of his seat waiting to find out what happened next.”



One thought on “Writing

  1. One of my favorite authors once wrote about his writing process. It starts when he finishes his most recent book, which is when he swears that he’ll never write another. Shortly thereafter, an idea kicks down his front door and grabs him by the throat. The idea continues to squeeze his throat with the insistent demand that “you will write about me and share me with the world”. And then he’s off and running with another writing project.

    Thought you might be able to relate to that.

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