So what have we learned…

This Bundy thing did one thing for sure, it gave both “sides” a lot to go on regarding how the other side works. For lack of better terms, Im going to refer to the two sides as the “people” and the “feds.” So the feds know, and trust me it is no new news to them, that restricting travel reduces the people’s response time and ability. Cell/communication blackouts, no fly zone except for their rigs… there is a lot to learn just from that.

First, the “feds” have most all the cards and those regular people dont have much more than their wherewithal. True off road rigs with enough maps of the AO is not going to get thousands of good natured “people” on scene. Comms are not as easy as it would seem either as radio signals are almost easier to mess up than cell phones. Ham and shortwave operators  would have been great out in Nevada but you can bet your best pistol that the “feds” have learned and wont be caught without the proper gear.

Now listen, I started out with an SKS and a Mosin, they are great starters. Most people unfortunately dont ever graduate from those though. And dont get me wrong, Im not a weapons elitist. They work, they all work, but quite honestly why limit yourself to the lowest common denominator when you are looking for a fight? In the pictures I’ve seen there are some great $500 AR15s, and a great, unconverted, un-scoped Saiga on overwatch, Hi Point carbines on the high ground, empty plate carriers… in this day and age if you cant afford quality, use your brain, use good tactics with what you’ve got to make it advantageous. I hope at least the mag in the gun was filled with quality ammo and not 1980’s era surplus FMJ. You want to fight, you’d better want to win.

And exposed shooters like we saw… yeah next time you can expect (even more) drones to be patrolling for just such a threat. So uh, what round for drones? Its a new age, better learn what you can from those that have been fighting as the “people” would fight.

This isnt all about the guys that said “Hey, its time to go to war with the feds. Better max out my credit card at Cheaper Than Dirt.” And I wont even get into the idea of physical fitness. You want to read more about that, I suggest heading over to The Mountain Guerrilla site I have linked in my side bar. This is about being smart. If this event is seen as some dry run then learn from it, do not repeat these things because repeated history is stupid… and dangerous. Learn, adapt, improvise to solve these fun new riddles.


The feds have seen this and they arent going to be sitting on their hands, I hope if you are one of those clambering for a showdown that you wont be either. I leave it to others to try to figure out how to counter the threat they believe is their opposition. Im just not going to go there and believe me, many people could and will. Be one of them. Study up.

The last thing Im going to say is that this was stupid. Really, really stupid. What do you really think would happen if the “people” had have shot? You think the majority of the country would be ok with a bunch of militia murdering police officers? High fives, beers, and back to normal life? The only news coverage of this event was on a (as it is seen in the real world) kook website, not MSN. You think people on the East Coast even know what the BLM is? Pick your fights. Revolution talk is just talk at almost all points. Statistically, you need under 20% of the population to be with you in a revolution. Shit, we got outvoted by that much for a second presidential term. The “people” are not on “our” side. Not yet. Here is the general concensus on how the protestors are viewed.

Solve your issues via voting, legislating, and in the courts. Yes in the corrupt courts. Gunfire would end with more gun control laws and a bunch of people dead or in prison and even less of the masses on “our” side. I stand with the people, but with the smart ones. Im against the overreaction of the feds to a guy who didnt pay his bills. Im kind of with the people that went to protest the overreaction, but not the ones that went thinking they were helping out a patriot. People are standing up for their beleifs… finally, but I say you ahd really better know and believe what you know and believe.


One thought on “So what have we learned…

  1. Been thinking the same things you wrote. I think we just saw a great example of dim bulbs (on both sides of the conflict) being saved from their own stupidity at the 11th hour. Great case study of how things spiral out of control when stubborn, yet brain-challenged, people get going.

    Those of the “people” clamoring for an armed uprising will be sorely disappointed if it ever happens…there’s nothing positive about having your own ass handed to you on a platter. Really? You’re going to take on the U.S. government in a direct armed conflict with a bunch of ranchers armed with hunting rifles – especially a bunch of ranchers who clearly don’t understand the concept of concealment, much less the idea of cover? Hope they’ve all invested in good running shoes, because those that live will be steppin’ and fetchin’ like their backsides are on fire.

    By the same token, the BLM’s original “militaristic” approach to this incident is right out of the dumb ass playbook. They were trying to take out a flea (a noisy flea, but still just a flea) with sledgehammers. There are very effective ways to trump Mr. Bundy without resorting to guns and guard dogs…and the team the feds put on the ground was clearly not qualified to handle either, never mind both at the same time (they also failed the conceal/cover tests, obviously lacked tactical group training, and just generally screwed up on the ground as much as any group could). And the BLM underestimated the opposition. The feds played right into the rancher scheme of “I’m a brave patriot standing up to an overbearing government”. Better to have left the firearms at home, attached the guy’s bank accounts for unpaid lease fees, then see how long he holds out before seeking some type of mutual agreement.

    Amateurs on both sides of this conflict. It was like watching the old “Keystone Cops”. Thank goodness somebody somewhere had the brains to tone things down before somebody got hurt.

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