You Sir, are an idiot.

Since before I started writing, I have had a question about just how in the living, breathing hell some things get published. Bad books are almost understandable sometimes, but bad articles in popular, well received and well regarded national magazines… again, just how in the living, breathing hell, does stuff so ignorant and flat out stupidly wrong, get into print?

I am finally getting around to thumbing through the May 2014 issue of SWAT Magazine and while its not generally all that groundbreaking, it is credible. So again I ask, why in the world would a generally good magazine print an article suggesting to carry two AR15 pattern long guns instead of a “back up” pistol? Unsurprisingly, this is from the same writer, in the same article, that refers to a .45 as an “adult caliber,” discounting all the other lesser ones.

Yes, hes one of those guys.

Of course a carbine is better than a pea shooter at killing things dead-er, but that really wasn’t the focus of Hugh Dalton’s argument. He admittingly made all the right points on the facts of the weight of a 16″ carbine and its ammo weighing less than a 1911. High points include the popularity of the platform and caliber, price (which i disagree with) and, well that and the parts between your primary and your backup weapon interchange are about it. The problem is, weight, cost, parts… none of that crap actually matters. Not enough to not carry a pistol.

To start with, he never even addresses what a pain in the ass carrying a long gun is in anything other than a full on combat setting. But sure, lets carry two long, snaggy, pointy, POS’s that can only get in the way of everything else, including each other. Have you ever tried to unload a bag from a car with a long gun on you? Dig a hole? take a dang drink of water? Heck, I’d almost give you the idea of a 10.5 PDW AR, but the dude is talking about two full on 16 inchers.

The spare parts idea almost makes sense, but I’ve got a bad truth for you, if your primary gets trashed, you probably did too. Or if it took a hit, a bullet strike, chances are you only have one good hand to change things out with. Besides the fact, if you are even half a gun guy, you’ve got spare parts lying around.

My biggest problem is that a pistol is not a backup in my eyes, it is another tool, used for other jobs and other circumstances. It is concealable, it is maneuverable in close quarters and it is better at the job it is best suited for than something else. Sometimes that mission is as a secondary option, but never a backup. In the same vein, I don’t like saying “weak side” for your support hand. Its another side, not weak. If its weak, get stronger, get better. Maybe then you’ll be strong enough to akimbo those two full size ARs side by side… HA!

So honestly, its at best a funny exercise that should be fought out on some internet forum. It never should have made it to print, especially in a magazine that is usually above all the rest of the overpriced dribble. Quality control is not all that hard, this idea, let alone this article, was not quality.


2 thoughts on “You Sir, are an idiot.

  1. Kinda reminds me of a book I just finished reading. One of the characters entered dramatically holding two AK-47’s. I had a “wait what?” moment and had to go back and reread it to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake.

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