The Bergdahl Ordeal

I hate bandwagon-ing but I’ve got to jump in on this Burgdahl story. First, there is always more to the story that we will probably never hear. BUT, what we do hear is a lot of reports, including many from guys that served with him and a reporter that was embedded in his unit when he went “missing,” that all say it was a planned desertion. Basically, they say he was unstable at best and a traitor at worst. Follow up evidence supports this over some theory that he was captured while out on a mission like a real POW. Either way, first and foremost, I have an issue with the seemingly unilateral decision to break our long standing tradition in that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

The President came out with his own statement reinforcing the act by saying that our military has a long standing tradition of never leaving a man behind. Here is where I take an admitting biased, gun toting, bible hugging stance. Our military has that tradition, you don’t. You never were in our military. Its the same issue I have in that a man who has never been in charge of a business or had a successful run as a leader of anything like a town or a state, that man (or woman) should never be considered to be qualified to be in a higher office, let alone the highest office. A man who never was in the military should not be the Commander and Chief of the military… in my opinion. Biased maybe, but I think it makes enough sense that the topic is worthy of debate.

The military has come out with their own statement in that they are investigating Bergdahl’s disappearance now that he has been released. Which, IMO they already know the circumstances of his absence, whatever those may be. This all adds up in my mind that the Military is now very publicly giving the President the middle finger for his actions and statements.

Moving forward though onto the prisoner trade, my friend over on the Liberty Infringed blog ( has brought up an interesting point of these five men who were detained. He speaks from the point of view that they were never charged and as such, it is a precedence for the government to hold anyone against their Constitutionally guaranteed rights, ie, they can detain and hold indefinitely citizens of the US without due process.

This is a hard stance to take when it is terrorists we are talking about here, but the right one when looking towards the future of our own country and if we still want to be a good moral example for the world. So really, all he’s saying is that if they are so bad, then try them, and if they are found guilty, convict them… or release them.

Honestly though, my question is, if the five people we released were of no threat…then why were they detained in the first place? They were detained, which means they were a threat… and now we are releasing them. Yeah, I’m sure their hate for our ways didn’t just grow less over the time they were imprisoned by us.

We have yet again emboldened terrorists to continue their ways and made to look weak in the eyes of the world.

Bergdahl himself, well that dude is in for a world of trouble. If he is indeed the traitor that popular opinion (79% from the msn poll I saw this morning) says he is, he is going to get his, one way or the other. Dude is from back woods Idaho. There is a little bit of the good-ole-boy mindset that still lives on in some areas of the country and some of those good-ole-boys served in the armed forces. They also know how to light a house on fire that has been doused in gasoline if they think a traitor that is getting away clean and free and is currently asleep inside.

I predict if Bergdahl roams free, he will either leave the US, or stay here as a mouthpiece of whatever it was that made him speak out against the US and our military involvement in the middle east in the first place. Like I said, I don’t think it will end well for him.


2 thoughts on “The Bergdahl Ordeal

  1. A couple of thoughts on Bergdahl’s situation:

    1. Maybe he’s a deserter or maybe not. Maybe he’s unstable or maybe not. All we have at this point is hearsay. Looking forward to the military investigation, which may provide solid evidence one way or another.

    2. The idea of negotiating with terrorists is a bad precedent. I agree with “no man left behind”. So, admittedly, it’s a tough balance to strike. But this is will come back to bite us…we’ve given the opposition a new lever.

    3. My own thought is that a President can be an effective commander-in-chief without military experience if he listens to and carefully considers the counsel of the military leaders around him. Not so sure the current President is such a good listener.

    4. Trying prisoners detained during a military conflict? I don’t recall that happening in the past (unless we’re talking Nuremberg trials, which was really an anomaly in the history of warfare). They’re POWs and should be treated as such…including all the rights provided by the Geneva convention, whether the opposition signed up or not. That may be the best moral direction for our country to take.

    5. Public opinion, from my perspective, is no barometer of truth. Lately, I’ve become more and more convinced that Alexander Hamilton was right: “the masses are asses.”

    6. I’m old enough to remember when Sen. John McCain came home from the Vietnam war. I remember some of the assertions of treason against him at the time (yeah, you don’t read that stuff in the history books…it’s been mostly whitewashed away). When I listen to the Bergdahl hubbub, it all sounds familiar. History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme!

    Thanks for the post. Timely and well reasoned.

    • Excellent points from a better personal perspective than I could give. Very true about if the CIC surrounds himself with and listens to quality advisers and not just Yes Men (Im not a fan of President bashing and will leave it there). Also, yes of course, history will be the ultimate judge… as long as its not written by the judges.

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