Great is our sin

A couple of thoughts I’ve combined and recorded on the subject of the next fall of Iraq.

It is obvious that Iraq needed a dictator in order to remain stable. We invaded and took away that stability. God only knows how many Iraqis have died because of the war. If we would have been smart, we would have invaded with 200,000 troops, bought off the Iraqi Army, and put our own strongman in place, now, Iraq is on its way to becoming a new Somalia.

An all to often fatal flaw in Western (Especially logical American thinking…) is that virtually all Muslims, especially Arabs, REALLY DON’T THINK LIKE US!!! Really, they are so different as to be like space aliens to Americans. Our histories, our culture, our thought processes and our roots in Judaism & Christianity have molded western civilization over about the last 2.7K years to where we are now. Muslims on the other hand are trapped by their faith in the Holy Koran to remain stagnant. Their faith also turns their men into raving maniacs in search of pussy.

They have jumped the shark…bottomed out. They want to bring the entire planet under Islam. They are well aware of their current situation and how they got where they are and they don’t like it one bit.

There are very good reasons that NO Islamic country has ever had a really free society on the model created by say, the USA. They need a strongman/dictator/prince to keep order and preserve their society. We failed to grasp that salient fact before the war. The entire Middle East is descending into chaos now because we are leaving, just as we did in Vietnam in 1975. The 4,500 American service men and women who gave the last full measure and the tens of thousands wounded have pretty much been wasted because we don’t have the stomach to stay the course as we did in 1945 and 1953. Although I question whether such a thing is even possible when you’re fighting an ideology and not a nation or geographic coalition.

The big problem now is that IF the radicals win and continue to sweep all before them, Pakistan is at great risk and they have lots of nukes. We are headed down a very dangerous path now… just as we were one hundred years ago.

For what it is worth here is my take

After a seemingly successful incursion into Afghanistan, a justifiable action after 9/11, the GB admin. reasoned that if they did the same action in Iraq they would accomplish two things.
(1) Remove a dictator that had been a thorn in the side of the Saudis, other Arab states in the area and Israel.This would make these countries look to the USA as a friend and protector.The Iraq people would have a chance at free elections and a government of their choosing.
(2) We would surround Iran with states friendly to the west.

The “weapons of Mass destruction” scenario was just a pretext to proceed.March of 2003 was picked as the kick off time because that left 18 months until the next election.6-12 months for the invasion and stabilization with 6 months extra for other contingency’s.

Unfortunately for us and the Iraq people wars seldom end with the outcome envisioned by those that start them. Why do you think we left Saddam in power after smacking him down way back in Desert Storm? Some people were concerned about destabilization in the region without a strongman there to keep the Jihadis from getting too froggy.


One thought on “Great is our sin

  1. Kinda with you on this one, Ian. GWB wanted to get Saddam. While there are better ways, we opted for a military approach. Once that job was done, it was time to get out. Attempting to establish a western-style democracy in an Islamic country (aka “nation building”) was the ultimate example of trying to slam a square peg into a round hole…it didn’t take. The Iraqis didn’t, and still don’t, want it. We made a very serious effort to set Iraq on a better path, at a significant cost of dead and wounded as well as neglecting our own infrastructure here at home, but the Iraqis rejected it. Kudos to Obama (yeah, I really mean it) for getting us out. Hope he keeps us out. We should have left much, much sooner than we did.

    So far as the current destabilization goes, let me be sure I’ve got this straight. An ancient conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites has boiled over again. Who represents the truth in Islam, who restores the Caliphate, and much more. ISIS (Sunni based)…who hates the U.S. as the Great Satan and wants to destroy us…is battling with the Shiites…who hate the U.S. as the Great Satan and want to destroy us. Now it seems that Iran…who hates the U.S. as the Great Satan and wants to destroy us…MAY be getting involved to help the Iraqi Shiites. And Al Qaida and ISIS are already shooting at each other in Syria. If I’ve got this right, the only involvement the U.S. should have is to make sure the western world has plenty of popcorn while we watch those Islamic tribes duke it out for years to come.

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