True Magic

Sitting in my bathtub of rapidly cooling water, I had just finished Larry Correia’s third book of his Grimnoir Chronicles and was, and still am, in awe. Speaking from the perspective of a fledgling writer, what he has created… his ability to create, it is near impossible to measure. The closest I can come to describing it is while he is writing Greek Tragedies, the majority of other writers in this or similar genres, myself included, are pushing our own drool around on a flattened cardboard box with a broken crayon. And our stuff, again, mine included, isn’t half bad.

Larry is one of two people that got me thinking I could write.  I’ve never met him, never talked to him other than some drive by facebook comments, but I read his books and then read his history. Like the other author that inspired me, Larry was a simple dude; a gun guy with an imagination who was seemingly non-delusional and fairly professional in his normal life.

Well shit, thats me! I said to myself about two and a half years ago. I didn’t ever expect to come anywhere near his talent as I know what I bring to the table, and in fact as I’ve said before, I never really intended to put any of my writing out there for anyone else to ever read, but Larry and Tom, they did it, so I could too.

Fast forward to my bath and I’m sitting just shaking my head back and forth. Its not at my earlier delusion, as delusion it was not, but at the talent level of this specific writer. His stories speak for themselves; fun, exciting, surprising… and he has a slew of awards to go along with them, but its the craftsmanship of the thing that I cannot get over. Knowing what its like to try to outline a story, what he must have done is akin to weaving a bunch of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles together, making them flow and connect, and still (I’m guessing as the phenomenon happens with my own writing) letting the stories shape themselves during their writing. There are levels, twists, turns and hints all formed together in each book that most writers never come close to being able to accomplish.

I will try not to ruin it or spoil anything for future readers, but there is one basic scene, a seemingly simple thing near the middle of Warbound, which takes a three volume series and establishes the entire premise and story, it answers all questions of characters and readers alike, using a folded piece of paper. The magnitude of it was presented in such a way, the characters themselves downplayed the gravity of the revelation which fit and flowed so well it put a disbelieving smile on my face. The technical aspect alone of keeping the scene short and sweet… it was artful and has created for me a new appreciation for this craft.

I spent the last six months with a young friend getting him ready for military service. A few weeks ago he went off to basic training and I told him, “Anything one man can do, another can do.” I lied to him. The truth is, some people are just on a level above.


Oh, and so no one thinks this is all just a leg humping fluff piece, I did find probably ten typos. Otherwise, truly magical.


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