A few simple rules

Life changing words of wisdom from yours truly:

I am always appreciative of someone offering me a beer after a hard days work. So don’t take this the wrong way, and I know I have some friends and readers that do not partake, I immensely respect that. One of the most fun guys that I ever partied with was a Mormon who did not imbibe in the drink. Heck, one of the roughest, toughest guys I can call a brother, an aerial refueling crew chief, tile layer, the guy who taught me to run a chainsaw and indoor arena football player (before being told by his military command that he couldn’t play), he doesn’t drink beer, but he always has some in his fridge to offer me. And I am eternally grateful, but one must know when you offer, etiquette says, to know what beer is appropriate for what situation, it really is pretty simple but I will now give an overview in case one is unfamiliar with the idea.

Let me count the ways:

There is a certain beer for a cold winter night;

And a different one on a hot summer day.

There is the right one for after a workout or

While working on a car.

A beer for in the shower,

After dinner,

Before dinner,

And during dinner.

There is the right beer for Pre-game-ing;

The right one for when the game is going well,

And another for when the game is not going well.

There is a different one still for after the game is over.

Another for when you’re at a party with people you know,

and another for when you’re at a party with people you don’t know.

There is what you take fishing,

what you put a shot in,

and what you order a pitcher of.

Even non-beer drinkers should know that its not all “just beer.”

Like I said, its simple really.


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