A Year Ends; A Year Begins

At the end of each calendar year my boss and I write out our personal and professional goals for the next upcoming year. Goals aren’t always meant to be achieved, but they can be guidance for things like money (Example: save  X amount per month to buy a new truck) or skills (Example: Shoot pistol drills once every two weeks).

I keep mine realistic, some specific (example: Clean up garage), and some a little more amorphous (Example: Stop making the same stupid decisions because we feel there are no other options). When I look back at my lists from previous years, it helps that they are realistic and I can see where I’ve made progress or fallen short.

My reflections on this past years events have not made me hopeful or depressed like so many others seem to get. I just am because the world just is. I am fortunate enough to be in a place mentally where I can still be me regardless of outside influences. I don’t hinge on worldly processes or events. I pay attention to them, track and follow them, prepare for some of them, but it doesn’t fundamentally change who I am. There are too many factors that takes control out of your hands, so I just focus on controlling what I can control.

Every year the news is the same; Racial issues, NFL stars beating their wives and kids, war, terrorism and apathy from the general public until they are directly involved in any of those events… and then they riot out of ignorance on what to do about it. Politics, relations, families… It is as it is and it is as it will be. My goal is to still be me through it all.

Come this time next year, if it all goes right, I’ll still be me.

And finally I leave you with the greatest goal of all time. I’ll let you figure it out.


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