Writing Update 2/3/15

It is said that an author never finishes a book, they only abandon it. Well I’m not ready to abandon Book 3 yet.

As Ive eluded to before, the length of this next book is… longer, and also the story is a lot better. I’m finding that I my writing is really evolving and its actually hard to take that evolution and keep the style the same as the first two books. But I have and its working.

Here’s a real insider tip about this story and something that has been a source of constant revision: the female character Breanne in Against the Grain was pretty much the first ever female character I wrote, and in my opinion, she came out great. She came out as not only her own person, but her own woman and now I’m having (technical) trouble getting the other female characters up to her level.

The story for all intents and purposes is done and I’ve etched out some really good, characters, but I wouldn’t call them insightful yet. I’m finding that less is more in some descriptive areas too which is hard because I’ve put so much time and effort into creating those descriptions.

I want this next book to be a big success and that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m looking over my 1099-MISC from Amazon right now from last year. What I really want is for any critics to bring up points I can’t see coming. So I am in the manuscript daily. Massaging and tweaking, making it better. The day will come when I abandon it to “done-ness,” but I’m not ready to do that just yet.


2 thoughts on “Writing Update 2/3/15

  1. Outstanding. I was worried that there was not going to be a third book already. Looking forward to seeing it. I really like your writing, especially your character development. Appreciate all the hard work that you put into a story.

  2. Just finished your two books, I like your style and I’m glad to hear book 3 is coming. As you know nothing will be perfect, move forward and pray for the best

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