Lent for Non-Lenters

I am not a religious man but have of course seen and heard multiple conversations about Ash Wednesday and what people are giving up for Lent. Seeing as how if I was to claim a certain religion, it still wouldn’t be Catholicism, but I do like to coattail onto any good intentioned idea I see so I am going to “observe” Lent in my own way. Instead of giving something up as so many people seem to think is the thing to do, I am going to add something.

We, as a people, are under constant threat and fire. Be it threat to our intellect by way of distractions of deflated footballs, threat to our livelihoods by economic woes or threat to our bodies (and bigger picture, our way of life) by extremists hell bend on a Jihad, or Crusade if you will, against Cristians and non-believers, we are targeted by things that will hurt your mind, body and soul; heart and limb; brain and being.

Before we can tackle the worlds problems, we must be right in and of ourselves. My Lent this year is to use everyday, perhaps only a single minute of that day, but do one thing a day to prepare the small being that I am to be better able to fend off the things that will make me soft, unfit, or unready in this big world. At least once a day I will shoot training drills with extra emphasis on doing it right, not just blasting away for the sake of fun. I will workout, exercise my body with a purpose, not just hitting autopilot and easily jogging the same way I usually do. I will read something about real life and then question it to sharpen my mind, or perhaps on the day I don’t do any of that, I will simply sit quietly in my own form of meditation and let go of the day’s hardships to obtain a clear and fresh head.

This Lent, I will hold myself to a higher standard. Everyday.


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