14 years and what?

14 years ago was the start of us hearing “Never Forget”. I ask, what is it we are supposed to not forget? That we were attacked? Hard to forget that although these days about 50% of people want you to believe that never forgetting is just perpetuating anger and hate. We can teach future generations what happened, but to what end? What purpose does it serve to show videos of buildings crumbling and people dying? IN the world today Americans we are expected to embrace new cultures as an open country and society. We aren’t supposed to be angry about these things and at the people who did this to us, that would be racist. Maybe we shouldn’t even teach future generations about this because it might make them angry and what happens when you show hate and anger and aggression to others? You get the reciprocal, and eventually it escalates to the point of what happened on September 11th right?

What a bunch of bullshit.

The events in the country for years following 9/11 showed the world that America is rapidly being taken over by a nation of pussies who will give up most anything to “feel” safe. Oh sure, some old guy way back when in history might’ve said something about giving up freedom but that was so long ago, they couldn’t have envisioned the issues of today’s world.

Again, total bullshit.

No matter how much we hear about the “religion of peace.” These radical assholes give one of two choices, convert or die. A long time ago I learned I don’t like having limited options. My glass isn’t half full or half empty, its who drank my water. There is always another way. Centuries ago the Catholics, while slightly misguided, were provoked into a third option besides convert or die. They went on a brutal and bloody crusade. In essence a series of defensive wars after losing 70% of their culture and country to what was a locust-like invading army of parasites.

Sound familiar yet?

The real tragedy was the Christian’s sacking of Constantinople, furthering the destruction of the Christian Roman Empire that the Crusades had supposedly been started to save. It was inevitable. Hmmm, now that sure seems to sound familiar too; the fall of Rome… again. Yikes.

Never forget.

The idea to me is to not forget history so as to not make the same damn mistakes over and over again. It’s about not forgetting the lives of loved ones we have lost. Its also about never forgetting what has been done to us as a once sovereign country. I am sympathetic to those attempting to escape from a bad situation in their own homeland. I whole heatedly approve and welcome legal immigrants, and I know many who are better people than me who have completely had it with the wussy crap that is going on in this country that seems more interested in what feels right at the moment than what is a factually proven path, no matter how hardhearted and closed minded it seems to the hug-a-terrorist crowd.

To the few who still have a brain, heart and a pair, not that you need to be told, but on an anniversary of a day like that day fourteen years ago, I remind you not to get complacent, don’t take a day off because it can and will happen again and you can either be judged at the end of the day by by your actions as you watched Rome burn, or by the amount of buckets of water you vainly attempted to throw on the blaze.

Luke 22:36

<span class=”st”> If you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.</span>


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