Ye best start believin’ in Civil Wars… You’re in one.

In all truthfulness I’m really not very political. Now obviously I skew conservative but get offended at being labeled a republican. I’m not. I think republicans are in general, a bunch of retarded wimps and anyone hanging onto what that party used to stand for decades ago or anyone who thinks it can be ‘saved’ is in the running for MVP of the special olympics.

Apparently I’m not very PC either.

So yes, fiscally and governmentally, I’m pretty conservative. It’s proven to work better than the other systems and while not perfect, trying to make other systems better that already start below the line of our current system, which also …adjusts… our societies principles, that doesn’t make good business sense to me.

Socially, I wouldn’t say I’m liberal, I’d say if it doesn’t get thrown in my face, do your thing. I think I heard Penn Jilette once say the phrase that if it doesn’t break my leg or empty my wallet… and that’s where I generally fall in. If I was more religious maybe it would be different. Personally, I’m not, but I sure wish more people were, and that’s part of why I’m writing today, to address the two front war being fought in our country… and probably the world, but I live here and am selfish like that.

So the thing is, as spineless as the republicans are and as much contempt and disrespect as I have for their ways, the other side of the philosophy is worse. Before, I thought they were all just well intentioned with out a firm understanding of the way of the world. I underestimated the opposition. My bad. They aren’t delusional do-gooders, they are educated… and arrogant… but that first part, the part where there are some very intelligent people calling for this new ‘democratic socialism,’ that scares the ever living shit out of me.

I have been spending some time with some very articulate and very smart liberal/progressive types and they can back their crap up and punch holes in anything a capitalist or conservative has to say. It makes them arrogant, assholes, but dang are they good at it. I myself am not a very good arguer. I’m a headline reader and history buff so I’m not going to engage, but these people have been learning and believing this stuff their whole lives.

Explaining how the fight against Communism was made up, or at least pretty suspect after we took out the fascists in WWII, damn if they don’t use some good facts. Enough anyway for me to know that I don’t know enough about some of the root reasons for many of the cold war/Nam/Cuban/etc.. conflicts. I know specifics and maybe not enough of the why’s. And that’s fine, but when an argument is made that something I grew up instilled in knowing was wrong, well that part doesn’t scare me, I don’t mind needing to question my own beliefs, it makes them stronger, or evolve.

I read this morning how Capitalism never had a chance as a long term solution, and a healthy argument was made for it. Maybe that’s what gets me, the second front of this war I referenced to above, the part where what made this country and has given the people the soapbox they have now is used to decry everything that got us, as a whole, where we are today. Hard work, strong people – I had families in there, then traditional families and realized neither were quite right – strong people, morality, all these things as we’ve known them are seen as negatives. And intelligent arguments are made against some of them and those arguments are attracting followers. The Constitution itself is now believed by a large portion of the populace to be misinterpreted and outdated. Now that, that scares me.

It is what is behind the motivations that scares me. What conservatives believe in is being labeled as being fear or anger driven and well dismissed. In our country as I write this, in the United States of America, 50% of the people are actively trying to elect a socialist to the presidency and anyone who questions it is an stuck in their old, worn out, ignorant ways, or so they would frame it.

Ye best start believin’ in Civil Wars… You’re in one.

I hate the idea of any war being fought in our boarders. Again, I’m selfish, guilty as charged. Back in my stupid unfounded days of watching too many movies and reading too much fiction, I always thought that if a war was to be fought here in country, it would be fighting off invaders of our resources or worst case, there being an idealistic coup of rebellion when a minority of socialists or communists attempt to rise up and take over. We governmental conservatives are now the minority and they are the majority. If there was a rebellion, it would now be seen as the ignorant religious capitalists causing waves in the new utopia, we would be seen as the invaders.

What scares me is that we are in a civil war, right now, and we are losing. Not all wars are fought with bullets. Our enemy is fighting by giving away free stuff. We are in a social civil war, right now, and people like me used to think that such a thing would trigger some sort of ‘hard reset’ and we could begin again as it was and should have stayed.

I am beginning to believe that the Constitution will in fact die. We will be ‘fundamentally changed’. Sure we still fight with votes, activism, and education but we are a dying breed. They fight with appointed judges using previous rulings as precedence over what the law actually says. They fight with a humanistic approach of ending greed and increasing happiness, and who wouldn’t sign on for that? No matter the circumstance, more people than not these days will vote for free shit and an easy life over freedom and responsibility because that hard work is too hard and their thoughts of freedom within fair controls are better.

They do not see freedom as a two way street, freedom to either achieve, or fail and they have no responsibility in the matter because they have been held back by big business or some other entity that probably is out of control but the root of which is not the evil demon wiping its ass with money that they think it is.

I am watching the fall of Rome and cannot say or do a thing that will make a damn bit of difference. Is it a cycle that we have to let play out and maybe in another 1,260 years another Rome or America will be built? Maybe this is the way of societies. I’m not a quitter, but at this point I don’t see what will get through to the now majority of dogmatic do-gooders, blind to the ways of economics, motivations of humans or why things are… excuse me, were the way they were and why these ‘new’ ways of thinking will work this time when they never have before.

It is entirely possible that The “next” civil war (II) started 30 years ago and will continue until a point in time when the free shit gets taken away… then civil war III will start, and it it will be a damn bloody mess. I think some people from ‘our side’ are actually in hopes for that because it means that there will still be a country to fight for. Hard to not see their point.

Why are we angry? Why do we take stances of its my way or the high way? Because we are losing to a side that is exactly like us. The arrogance and ignorance is insulting to the very nature of our cores, and ours yours. Unfortunately the winner of this race only gets to push the country to its end that much quicker than the other side. We lose, but only before they lose too. I will do what I feel and think is right until my end. Knowing that an end is coming for the things that I feel and think are right though, that’s a somber thought.


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