Truth be told

I’ll say this as concisely as I can; Turning America into a utopia will not make it better. We have been the shining example, the thing everyone else in the world wanted to emulate or take part in because of the prosperity the US achieved. As such, people from other cultures came here to enjoy our riches. Totally understandable, I’d want to live in a better country too if I wasn’t already here.  The issue is, people have come to get fish, not learn to fish. We became great on the bent backs of hard work and innovation allowed by personal freedom and open markets. I am becoming increasingly aware of just how many people live in this place of prosperity that their elders created for them and yet do not know the work it took to get things to where they are.  Increasingly, people looking to change their lives for the better come here but at the same time are not very interested in leaving their own cultures behind. Too often the two do not mesh, although that obviously does not make them mutually exclusive.

A utopia could be done. It could. The nuclear free, gun-less, zero carbon, happy go lucky, everyone gets a trophy and pony, socialist acid trip that so many are disgusted over not having IS possible, it’s just stupid as hell because it would be short lived. National, cultural, anthropological suicide… even if you could snap your fingers to magically make it happen. Of course you’d have to quickly use your second wish from the genie to eradicate evil, fear and violence from the hearts and souls of everyone living on the perfect island too, so only one wish left… moving on.

There is a reason nations have boarders, military’s and defensive weapons; the world is not a nice place. Yes we could be the shining example of a pacifist’s utopia, setting the standard for the rest of the world to look to once again, and it would only speed up the flood of our demise. In and out of our country others want to take part in what we have, without understanding why we have what we do. That want turns all dark side of the force-ish as their frustrations turns to anger and hate.

“Successful people don’t deserve what they have! The rich are only getting richer and there are fewer of them because corporations and lobbyists are propping them up!” Well shit yeah, maybe so, so why don’t you go join in their spoils? I know, I know, you’re a better person than that, you’re doing it for the children or the good of all mankind or whatever idealistic principle that those same guys started out with too, that’s not the point. That d-bag that created Facebook  is worth like a bazillion dollars and he started it on a glass window pane. “Yeah but he was in college!” I’m pretty sure it was Bill Gates that flunked out of college and started Apple in a garage. Steve Jobs, Harrison Ford, Tiger Woods, James Cameron, all drop outs, all at the top of their respective fields. The point is be smarter and better than everybody else and you could be at the top too… or get over it. Some of the best advice I every heard was to be happy with what you have while you aspire for more.

Aspire does not mean envy or hate others for their success, ill begotten in your eyes or not. It makes you sound petty and leads to entitlement (ohhh,  currently unpolitically correct bad word!) Now don’t tell me that entitled people don’t make up the majority of those on the side that identifies as liberals, progressives or even socialists. We both know they don’t make up the majority. We also both know that entitled people do exist, and I don’t need to link all the video clips of people celebrating cause they gonna git their free phones, or my personal favorite, the “print more money,” clips. Those morons don’t make up the base of that side of the isle any more than the Westbooro Baptist renobs make up the base of the other side. Honestly though, in my estimation, even ONE person who thinks like either of those types is ten too many.

Getting back on track, turning the country, society, and/or culture that we created into the same thing everyone else has should be unfathomable, but its not. That is the end of the path that we are currently on though. There is an us vs them difference in the world as much as no one wants to talk about it because it might be considered racist or not politically correct and could hurt someone’s idealistic feelings. It shouldn’t be that way… but it is. Shocker but there IS in fact a difference in people who come from different cultures and those who grew up in the United States. Differences are ok. Heck there are even differences between boys and girls too, but we wont go down that crap pellet filled rabbit hole here.

We can set the example of what should be right while still being strong, but until every single one of the countries in the world are ready to change their own ways (magic wish number three perhaps?), there is a realistic need for boarders, standards and warriors to uphold what our forefathers set the foundations of as the greatest country and culture in the world. This sounds very hard and fatalistic even, but it’s exactly what we already know because great minds have studied it. In any functioning culture we have supply and demand of resources, the necessity of a currency and thus incentive to produce goods and services… these are simple, basic concepts in how humans and society works.

Truth be told I am prejudiced, I prefer the way of life our ancestors created for us here and that we now live in. And you know what, I’m an addict too. I’m addicted to things like running water, a functioning commerce system and all the protected freedoms we enjoy, and yes, take advantage of. Is it the best system and the best country ever dreamed up? No, but it is the best one in the world and anything better to this point is still just a work of fiction.

There are many who are embarrassed by our history. Yes, there have been many dark times. From slavery, the lawlessness while settling the west, equal rights for minorities… yes, damn, there has been some bad stuff. A lot of intelligent, determined minds came from that history as well as the warrior culture that made and preserved that history too, don’t forget that. Yes, damn, we dropped a nuke. We also came up with the idea and implemented it. The same types of scientists came up with an idea to meet the goal of putting a man on the moon and did it in an impossible timeline. That is who we are and those people didn’t get there by riding someone else’s coattails; they made it happen for themselves by being better than all the rest. The USA has always held itself to a higher standard, never playing by the rules of the ends have justifying the means… and we still won. At the same time we never lost who we were as a nation, not until recently anyway.

If we stay on the same track we are currently on and the anti traditionalist crowd keeps pushing before the process is ready to move along under its own momentum, the whole enchilada will implode under its own weight.  I believe that return to the wild west will happen a lot faster and a lot harder if upidy or entitled idiots keep pushing too hard, too fast. It will happen much faster that way than it would if everyone is armed like we hear would be the case if guns were to be allowed to be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Is there corruption, misinformation stated as fact and a zillion other factors that are all working against us all the world over? Of course. You know what your grandfather would tell you? If he was anything like mine it would be a variation of, “Cowboy the fuck up and get it done anyway.”

So bitch and moan, be sarcastic as you throw your hands in the air exclaiming how it’s never going to change as you sit on your arrogant high horse, knowing to your core that you are smarter than all of us stupid gun touting bible thumpers. Shake your self-righteous, sanctimonious head in utter frustration at our inability to see the future, but I guarantee you still will be getting your drive thru Starbucks and living in a home you pay for with your hard earned money. Don’t forget how it is you have those things available. I also guarantee after you get done typing your latest facebook diatribe as to why guns are bad, your arrogant ass will be checking to make sure your doors are locked at night because your magic lamp is out of wishes and deep down you know that safety is not ever guaranteed and there are people unlike you out there that want what you’ve worked hard to get.


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