Welcome to the Reality TV Era of Politics

First, I don’t have a clue of who to vote for. There are a lot of theories on the subject and even the most ardent seem to throw out their governing theory on which candidate to vote for when their preferred candidate is no longer in the running. The one thing I will say is that local elections are more important than national ones. They are what influence you or insulate you directly, sometimes even from the national junk.

So here’s my current take: its f—ed. It also always has been so I’m not exactly trying to be humorous here. We have seen in the last ten plus years a shift in voters issues. Oh sure, you’ll hear “woman’s rights” or “2nd amendment,” but not as much as “he looks slimy.”

No one cares about a candidate’s ideology when their personality and appearance is so much more fun to attack. We’ve got a vocally admitted socialist, a proud one, making a decent run, in America, and people only care that he’s old. What. The. F—. Maybe I grew up with too many spooks from the cold war but does that seem right to you?

We saw time and again in the last two elections where ideology or stuff like, you know, facts, don’t matter anymore. Our current president had zero practical experience or ideology founded in American ideals, and yet he was a star. People are bitching about Trump? He is Obama. No practical experience, no ideals that he can convey and honestly, I don’t think he could name all the amendments of the Constitution because its never mattered to him. We get what we get. The pendulum has swung back and hit us right in the nuts… again.

And what of Cruz? Hes great ideologically, ask anyone, but those same people will tell you he “just looks too creepy to be President.” God what I would give for an EMP to kill all visual media so people had to actually LISTEN to a candidate’s message.

I get why people like Trump. He is pissing people off and that’s fun to watch. Seriously. He is attacking the politically correct messengers and the people of this nation, the real people, are sick of all the PC crap. One thing I know is that if he is the nominee, I will be following him just to hear him ask Hillery about Monica. See, I’m just like everyone else and want to watch the TV show that are our politicians. And hey, maybe Trump really is the right candidate for the moment. Maybe his F-You style will bring us back to wanting to care about our leaders ideology and message. I really don’t know but that actually does make a certain amount of sense to me. I do know one thing, a strongly religious, fundamentalist is never going to be president in the climate of our country today. That’s not what our country is anymore. Sad but true.

At the time of this writing it is a three person race for the Republican nomination and a two person race for the Democrat side. Are we going to vote for who can beat the other side? Seems like that is what I hear the most. Is that the best way to fight for the candidate who best represents your ideals or is that how to fight against the one who least represents your ideals? Are you playing offense or defense with your vote?

My answer is a quote from one of the candidates currently running for the office of the President of the United States of America.

“What difference does it make.”



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