Book 3, Crossing Blurred Lines… and other stuff.

Alright sports fans, time again for the main event…

After a LOT of long, long hours, days (mostly nights), and many, many words, I bring you the third book in the series!

CBL Cover

This, is Crossing Blurred Lines! (Did anyone read that in a Ryan Seacrest “This, is American Idol” voice? Man I hope so.)

The official blurb:

Tired, beat down, discouraged, and without hope, but not done yet.The raids had been getting worse; more frequent, more organized, more devastating. A group of peacekeepers was brought in, and then they got their man. In this, the third installment of Ian Daniels’ pioneering series, we see that the pendulum of life catches up to everyone. Branded an outlaw and forced to run, doing the right thing is usually still pretty simple. Living with having done the right thing seems to be the hard part… until you realize you’re too fed up to care anymore. Blurred lines don’t just get crossed, they get trampled, as events set in motion long ago are attempted to be set right. Hero’s don’t survive, and the villains won’t either. Will you?

My blurb:

Fart jokes, bewbs, and shootin’ shit.

Ok fine, I’ll quit screwing around. Honestly yes, I again wrote this for an audience of one: myself. As has been shown with the success of the other books though, I’m not the only one who likes a somewhat plausible guilty pleasure action story set in an end of the world scenario. I am a student of collapsing nations around the globe and the literary world I have created I do not feel is very implausible, and sometimes not all that far off either. It would take one, one big time disaster domino to set it all off, or in my estimation, we just slide and slide and slide until Argentina, The Balkans, Greece, and most war torn African nations all look like nice places to vacation compared to what the US could become.

I am also a student of counter terror with a focus on the now outdated practice of physical reconnaissance. The characters I tried to bring to life are not all super soldiers, know-it-alls, or the type that everything works out ok for; I tried to keep them real. You know what is real in my world? Levity. A long time ago I dislocated both of my thumbs at the same time, you know what my buddy asked me? How in the world was I going to wipe my butt? He wasn’t exactly volunteering either. I did not base these characters on myself or my life, they are just creations of my overly imaginative distraction rattled brain. I’m a day dreamer, but I do feel that I made these characters more real and relatable than many other characters in many other books Ive read.

The Synopsis:

When we last left our group (remember Against the Grain, the first book?), some much needed help had arrived. Getting the families set up and working together was no easy task, but it was the best way, possibly the only way, to truly survive.

Fast forward a few months or a year (ha ha, I purposefully made everything ambiguous…), and the combined families of the Harris’, the Meehans, and a few other notable cast members (RJ and Megan to name a few) are beginning to figure out just what it takes and how to live in this type of world without failing left and right. It takes strength, guts, ingenuity and a little bit of luck.

Well luck runs a little shorter for some then it does for others. Driven out and trying to avoid completely being on the run, we find out that the Ranch families are not the only ones who have developed a community around themselves. Some of the groups and places are small and well mannered, some not so much. In such a relatively isolated section of the country, they are all seemingly interconnected if not by similar ideas or practices, then by actual intentional links of planning through trade.

For someone that has always only wanted to go his own way, continually being forced into participating in other peoples problems puts a strain on even someone that is really only trying to do the right thing. Whats left when the smoke and dust finally settles? Someone who held true to his convictions no matter what the cost, or someone who finally took the easy way and let what he was good at out to run free, kick ass, and take names later?

This, is Crossing Blurred Lines! (Sorry, had to do it.)

I set the release for Monday, June 20th 2016, and am hoping to book bomb it on that day to get the most views and buys and trigger Amazon’s algorithm that will start getting it moving along all the shared channels and networks. I could really use everyone’s help with sharing all this across any and every social media source you have. I’ll be working on the the guerilla marketing from my end and am going to try to not annoy people too much on forums, Facebook and Twitter, but again, I would love the help if anyone can share, like, or better yet, put a post out yourselves.

Preorder now or buy it on Amazon on Monday… or you know, whenever, as long as you get a copy, but Monday the 20th would be a good date to do it.

Oh and for anyone who has missed out on the first two,  I combined them into one so you can get caught up on the story without paying for each individually.
Combination front cover.jpg

Buy it here on Amazon

I’ll get the paperback versions of both Crossing Blurred Lines and the combo book up shortly, they take a little longer to link into Amazon. I think 7-10 days is the number usually given. The Buying Stuff and Contacting Me page of this site has links to buying them both on other medias for that .01% of people that don’t use Amazon for everything.

A final thought:

I cannot express how much I appreciate the continued interest from everyone. Seeing these stories shared and talked about really makes it worthwhile for fledgling hobby writers such as myself to put the work in. I have been contacted by so many of you and really want to say thank you to every individual person who has kept the conversation going. It ignites the incentive to keep writing more than you will ever know. To those who have been inspired to write your own books after reading some of mine as you have shared with me, congratulations, and I’m sorry. Its a roller coaster, but hell, what else were we doing with our down time anyway? Hope you guys enjoy this next (final?) installment.

– Ian Daniels



Thanks everybody!



4 thoughts on “Book 3, Crossing Blurred Lines… and other stuff.

  1. Hi. Just finished the third book. It was entertaining enough.
    (a left handed compliment, no?) Since you invited criticism, I offer some with good intention, not to drag you down.
    Wondering if the grammatical errors were contrived to help your intended audience/demographic relate? or if they were unintended? The “her and I’s” and the “had ran”‘s ….
    Your story line got a little cluttered, redundant and scattered when trying to illustrate Tiffany’s personality and personal motivations. Sometimes better to depict certain things through actions rather than explanations?
    Springing Yetter on us at the end was kind of sudden with no development of the cahracter or idea..
    Tiffiny’s return to the Ranch and subsequent disappearance could have been fleshed out some as would the settling of any animosity between Big Boy and Stan…grist for a fourth book?
    Weird little errors cropped up: Moss sitting with his hands behind his head (in the bakery) while at the same time busily filing away at the shotgun…
    Other times, wordcheck wasn’t your friend and words that, while if standing alone would have been correct, were misused (“deterring” to his own judgements rather than “deferring” ). Outright omission of words in sentences was somewhat distracting.

    You have a content editor? He/she must have been dozing…

    Nonetheless, I will be looking forward to you growing in your craft/hobby and be on the look-out for your next offering. Thanks for the entertainment.

    • This is exactly the type of feedback I want and need to hear. These changes would have been extremely important to hear and I thank you for bringing them up. the easy stuff I am going to fix asap, the story line stuff, with Tiffany and Yetter, which I agree whole heartedly, well its a bit harder to change content… but I probably will do that too. its embarrassing and frustrating that these errors slipped through. I wish I had have taken another year to read, re read and read it again. one editor and two beta readers said nothing of any of it and I let it fly. Not a happy camper tonight, but I am extremely happy you pointed these issues out.Thank you.

  2. Honest truth is that I missed the grammatical stuff with my beta read too…it’s tough to catch ’em all. One thing I will say: I think the character development is the real gem of this book. You’ve taken it up a notch in terms of what characters are thinking and why they make the choices they make. I see your writing evolving here and it’s fun to watch it happen.

    • Man Floyd, I cant tell you how many times I’ve read that damn book before I pressed ‘submit’. The Beta read should not have been brought up as I distinctly told you I knew there were grammatical stuff I wasn’t done fixing yet. You did a great service for me on that one so my apologies.

      I am really conflicted as I agree that the writing is getting better. Not patting my own back, I just feel it happening. This dystopian genre is my true love but the next book I will be releasing is a total departure from the genre and the tense that I have been writing in for three books now. The conflicting part is that this new book is already leaps and bounds above what I have previously done. The character and story development, the foreshadowing, the descriptions… everything has just flowed so much easier and the result is so much better… but I love where I started, even as they are with all their faults (which I missed and others found lol).

      In the end, a big thanks to the people who read and dialog with me. Its a rare and hard to accomplish thing which I very much appreciate.

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