Officers down

A pregnant lady just asked me a little bit ago, “why’s all this happening?”

I was – am – just pissed off enough to tell her the truth. “Because everyone is a pussy.”

We all want peace, but it doesn’t come lightly. The world has never been a nice place. From the beginning of recorded time, it has not been a peaceful, happy go lucky, easy peasy world. It is how you handle the not nice part that keeps things peaceful. Yeah a utopia with no violence or evil or thoughts of violence or evil would be great. But that is not a real fucking thing. It IS NOT obtainable. Violence remains. Violence persists. The only way to stem that violence, to quell it, is to have the harder line. It is dropping a nuke on Japan and 70 years later they still are itching to be economic and trade allies with us. Why? Because they respected our strength to do what had to be done and our un-anxious willingness to do it again.

Tonight’s killings of police offices in Dallas doesn’t shock me. It’s been getting worse and worse each year. People have no respect for one another and especially none for police or people in authority. You have tons of mental patients walking the streets. Then you throw in all the drugs people are burning their minds out on, plus tons of families that are broken. Daddy is in jail or prison, mommy is either a drug addict and still using when  pregnant or wishes she was and only sees contempt for having to grow up and become some low functioning form of an adult. Don’t worry, you can still talk on your cell phone during a movie, wear pajamas out in public, and not stand when a flag passes because the only reason you took your Ritalin addled little bastards to the Armed Forces parade was for the free candy.

I see this everyday. Nobody wants to work and they want everything, or are just in a holding pattern to inherit what mommy and daddy worked for their whole lives. That’ll fix it and change everything!  I’ve seen it. First hand. Most people that come to jail think they are doing nothing wrong. Seriously, it’s not about them screwing up and getting caught. Yeah right! This is all becoming a really bad, really sad joke.

Recently I denied someone a clearance on a background check. They became indignant and started in on how the man is holding them down. They wanted their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness! It aint guaranteed. You get a chance to pursue it here, you aren’t guaranteed jack shit.

So yes, look for your reasons. Talk of hugs and loving everyone and how inanimate objects are evil and corporations and interest groups are the problem, but don’t say it to me; I wont say a damn word in return. I get what it takes to be strong and live in the real world.


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