Fall Update

I’ve had a distinct lack of blogging lately that I’m all too aware of so I thought I’d drop a line just to toss it out there. As a non-professional writer with a day job, I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to with everything else. Lately, enjoying and using the last days of summer and fall have taken up most my time and energy. A logging truck load of twelve cords of firewood to process, a late season backpacking trip, a pain in the butt car I’ve finally rehabbed enough to fire off, yet not drive, oh and the family too, have been where most all of my focus has been… although not all of it. I have been writing quite a bit and after the relatively lackluster performance of my first attempt at a series, I think I’m finally evolving to the next level – a baby step in the authoring world, but the next level for me none the less.

While the fires are lit, I’m making headway on my next story and have much more defined outlines for another two which will be a little more of a return to the dystopian realm where I started. I’m hesitantly excited for those. Hesitant because I just haven’t seen much of a following gather around my previous work. I have a couple facebook friends and a couple less followers of this blog, which I’m not complaining about, just have to keep my expectations in check. Once I start to slow down on the new stuff, I’ll take a break and get the old stuff maybe a little more spruced up, trying to make it attractive again. Also will be seriously looking at changing the way I do things as far as self publishing goes for this next book at least. Doesn’t hurt to shop anyway.

I would like to do a few more articles/posts back about preparedness in the real world again so look for those too. I’m trying to not let the current political climate direct any of my thinking; no hoarding more than normal for me. More so just some thoughts on my non-producing garden this year, some shooting and drill reviews, maybe some thoughts on simplification and how it can help in the SHTF plans we all think about.

None of these posts are going to be very wrapped up in whole politics thing right now, I just refuse. I’m not watching the debates, I’m not even watching the news in the morning anymore when all the lead headlines are which (non)celebrities got invited to sit in the front rows. It’s all mindless, inconsequential crap. Neither candidate reflects my views and I can’t stand to watch or listen to the arrogant, practiced debater with that swarmy, pretentious political grin, or the blithering idiot who can’t string one complete sentence together, and especially not one coherent counterpoint. It’s a lose lose and I’m going to refuse to lose by concentrating on getting my house ready for winter instead. Its frustratingly freeing, you should try it.

Thanks for reading. Tell your friends. Buy a tee shirt. Write something today.


  • Ian

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