I’ve got mail

Haven’t written about writing in a while…

I’ve got the first draft done of my genre jump into a contemporary type fiction. I sent an e-copy to the guy who has looked over my last few books. He catches some edits I missed but doesn’t do much commentary or critique. I hate E-reading myself, so I formatted and ordered a paperback proof to give to someone else to take a look at it. She is a quality reader, IE likes books of a lot better quality than the stuff I put out, and while that makes me apprehensive, I think I’ll get some good feedback from her too.
And that’s what I’m really looking for with this one. As I stroll a little late into the party of the genre that was created by Twilight and 50 Shades, a sub-sect of post high school-young adult fiction (being referred to as New Adult Fiction: see: https://www.ebscohost.com/novelist/novelist-special/what-is-new-adult-fiction-anyway), I really do see this one as having what it takes to make a name for itself. My other books have been, and probably will continue to be in the dystopian genre (more or less for the next two I have lined out anyway). And while my first -Against the Grain – entered when the market was hot, survival fiction is starting to get played out. I didn’t write this new one thinking it would make money and junk, as always, I still only write for me, but I’ll admit to enjoying a chick flick, “girls” book, or CW network TV show every now and again. This new book is definitely in that realm.
I have only self published so far and thought I would actually query a few traditional publishers with this new one, but after reading a few articles, and a few especially convincing words from the author of Wool (google it, its worth your time) I’m beginning to think I’ll simply self-publish this one as well and let the cards fall where they may. Is it ‘cards fall’ or ‘chips fall’?
I’ve been drinking.
Anyway, lots of work left to do.

One thought on “I’ve got mail

  1. Proofing the copy of a book…typos, grammatical errors, and that sort of thing…is best done by a pro. Most readers, including me, will miss those details when they get caught up in the read.

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