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CBL Cover

Crossing Blurred Lines

Tired, beat down, discouraged, and without hope, but not done yet.

The raids had been getting worse; more frequent, more organized, more devastating. A group of peacekeepers was brought in, and then they got their man. In this, the third installment of Ian Daniels’ pioneering series, we see that the pendulum of life catches up to everyone. Branded an outlaw and forced to run, doing the right thing is usually still pretty simple. Living with having done the right thing seems to be the hard part… until you realize you’re too fed up to care anymore. Blurred lines don’t just get crossed, they get trampled, as events set in motion long ago are attempted to be set right. Hero’s don’t survive, and the villains won’t either. Will you?


Combination front cover

Against the Grain, Pillars in the Fall Combo

TWO novels in a best, well er, in an adequately selling series, in one volume! – This one book combines the first two entries from Ian Daniels overactive and self deprecating mind. Books that are described as the first easy reading storyline in a genre that usually generally makes you want to depressingly huddle in a fort of ammo crates in your own basement.


3d render complete 1

Against the Grain

When the world, your world, gets turned upside down, there are leaders, there are followers, there are those that sit back, and those that take advantage… and then there’s you.

The following story chronicles the events of a reluctant and unapologetic man on his path through a world compromised by a collapsed economy, society, and way of life. His ability to survive fosters an internal struggle that intertwines within the few friends he has left. Unsure of how to guide them through the reality of this changed existence without crushing their hope, sometimes it is all he can do to just keep himself alive without becoming what he fights against.

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3d Render 2

Pillars in the Fall

Past the point of no return, the slide has started. It’s time to shore up your bets and your borders. There’s only one problem, you are on the outside looking in.

A happy homecoming shines hope and light in an otherwise dismal time. Friends closer than brothers reunite, but when one of them returns from a long absence, he brings an unpredictable and volatile side that seems to be just itching to get out. And the timing could not be better for those erratic tendencies to have plenty of opportunities to be exercised.

This is a story of bad compromises. During the first stages of a severe societal collapse, how do you protect others from your own best friend, and also protect him from himself? During the ultimate breakdown of rules, laws, ethics and morals, how do you overcome this new side when it is so effective at getting you through the toughest of times?

In this, the prequel of the action packed novel Against the Grain, we meet a whole new host of characters… and get reintroduced to a few old favorites!

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26 thoughts on “Buying Stuff & Contacting Me

  1. I just finished your book. Well done! It was plausible, well thought out and quite entertaining. I’m looking forward to your future work.

  2. Pillars in the Fall does not seem to be available at Amazon on Kindle (at least not in the US). BTW, _Against the Grain_ is one of my favorite books. If you keep writing them I will keep reading them.

    • Shoot, I was so excited, when I saw that Pillars in the Falls was out I clicked on “Buying Stuff” without reading your post which explained that it can take 12 hours or whatever for Amazon to make it available to purchase.

  3. Enjoyed Against the Grain a great deal. It had a few beginner’s flaws, which I will spare you from having to read, and at least a dozen typos (City’s instead of Cities, etc). I know it’s a bitch to hear, but every writer needs to work with an editor. However, I think you’re really onto something with this series, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you take it. Baen’s rejected plenty of mine, too, so don’t get disheartened. And don’t stop writing; fans are won one at a time.

    • Hey thanks for the kind thoughts. Book three is… ongoing. I could have actually had it done by now but found more parts of the story to tell so Ive been expanding it a little. Its really shaped up as a fun one in om opinion. I would say in a good month or so if i dont hit any snags I should have the next phase of the story out.

  4. Still looking forward to book 3. Inquiring minds want to know:

    – Will the red dot’s battery on our hero’s AK-74 hold out until he finds a replacement?
    – Does Brianne still have the Glock 26 that our hero handed her in Pillars in the Fall and has she learned to execute a tactical reload with it?
    – Will there be a cat fight between Tiffany and Brianne because of a tactical or logistical disagreement? (I figure a romance related argument would be between our hero and their respective mates)
    – Will our hero reach an accord with “Stan” over who should be tactical leader
    – What caliber Glock does our hero carry? We’ve got the AK and SAIGA calibers nailed down, he should mention his favorite sidearm.
    – And last but not least, Megan, does her character rise in significance or fade into the background?

    Note: If by chance any of these items cause you to delay in finishing book 3 please ignore my entire message. I just wanted to communicate that I’m distracted by when it’s coming out and how its going to end.

    Thanks again, for your thought provoking work.

    • hahaha awesome.

      Tidbits for you: Glock caliber will be in there in an unexpected way; Megan plays a role, and Stan inspired tension is of course a part of this one.

      Honestly I was really tossing the idea round to do some more traditional type story twists and mysteries instead of the journalistic approach. I backed down a bit from bringing anyone back from the dead but the new to me development of story plots has made this stretch out a bit more. The longer it takes to get done in this case means the better it is. I’m really enjoying writing this one and it is getting very close.

  5. A month later, sitting at the LAX Hilton adjusting to the time zone trying to remember why a suppressed AK-74 was a cool rifle for a hero and why I used to imagine a hot babe with 40
    round Galil? Then I glance at this month’s Mens Journal and learn that raising insects to ground up with wheat to make flower is more nutrient dense than any meat or veggie. Perhaps our hero can stop hunting in vain to drop a deer and make himself a roasted cricket burger? Crunchy and Yummy!

  6. As an FYI. A buddy downloaded a sample of Against the Grain from ITunes and it was the sample for Prelude instead. Thought you’d want to know.

    • Waiting for the Billy Joel concert to start and wondering, when’s the new book coming out? Does Bre become proficient with her looted Galil?

  7. The new book? It’ll happen when it happens. The guy writes as a hobby…it’s not a living for him. Read other stuff…there’s lots of good stuff out there…and hope he crosses the finish line someday.

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