Well, since everyone else is doing it…

Yeah, I’ll post about the stupid election crap. Mine might not sound like a normal celebratory conservative’s writings though because I’m not your normal conservative; I’m actually pretty social liberal, which we’ll get to in a moment. So first,  I was not pro Trump, and I am not pro Trump. I wasn’t for the other side either. And I damn sure wasn’t for that idiot pot head Johnson who got a surprising  amount of votes on Tuesday. Well, maybe its not that surprising an amount given our culture lately. So naturally you think I was a Cruz guy, in theory, sure, I was at first, but that too faded away. The reality of it is that no one very closely matched my beliefs. So while I thought, and still think, that Trump is a weapons grade jackass, I also had two fingers of victory whiskey last night and laughed my way to the bank this morning.

My elation was not at one the one teams win, it was at the utter confusion Trump’s numbers caused. The media – NBC is who I watched – didn’t even have teams dispatched to Trump rallies because they knew, KNEW he didn’t have a chance. Any time arrogance gets kicked in the balls, I’m a fan. They just couldn’t even comprehend a loss by the other side. If I heard right, there was a record voter turnout. The talking heads on the idiot box quickly dubbed it the “white vote,” the “rural white,” the “non college educated vote,” and finally today, I heard on national public television, it is being called the “hillbilly vote” that won the election.

Now I know I’m preaching to the choir here as anyone reading this is already of the same general conservative sway that I am, but just in case, let me make it real clear; it wasn’t the hillbilly vote you arrogant asses, no, it was the American vote. Record numbers of Americans stood up and said, you know what, I’m sick of everyone else being pussies. Everyone has hurt feelings, everyone gets a trophy, its bullshit and not the god loving American way.

Record numbers of American voters came out and proclaimed that all your crying, demonstrations, the certain lives matter rioting… its the same whining that real Americans are so tired of putting up with and finally told you all to shut your fool mouths for a minute.

“Rural Americans.” You know what I hear from that? I hear the takers versus the makers. I hear the loud talkers not knowing what the foundation of this country was, and what makes this country continue to run. Not politically, I’m talking about food, infrastructure, real stuff you can hold in your hands, not the tech mogul stuff, we’re talking that non sexy stuff that all Americans are addicted to like running water and flushing toilets; jobs and how cars and refrigerators get made and put into place… and then powered.

This progressive cultural shift that’s taken all our pretty little snow flakes and turned them into helpless pussies is pathetic. “Oh hes sexist, inflammatory, racist, decisive!” Look, cards on the table, your shit is weak and you sound and act like a bunch of sore losers; man the fuck up. You are victims of your own creations and sicken over fifty percent of the country given the results of last night. Your side created the hate, manufactured it to fit within your agenda of getting your selfish way and constantly screamed about it, well its on the other foot now and yeah, you’re goign to have to deal with the backlash you created.

… and deep breath…

Ok, so here is to the part where I actually agree with some of the liberal ideals. Look, I want us to move forward, grow, expand, become better than we are, but it doesn’t take a sociologist to tell you that without a sound foundation, the heavy top of a building will fall. You need a steady base. That used to be religion, but religion is gay now. Oh wait, cant say gay anymore. My stance is a strong, fiscally favorable base that a population can then expand from. Its running a house hold; either pay your bills first and be conscious of your budget,or all those life experience vacations are going to bankrupt you and leave you homeless. Of course I want to go on vacation, but you have to earn it;  and yall didn’t earn it yet.

In general, I govern myself with the old adage of, if its not breaking my legs or emptying my wallet, do your thing and I’ll do mine. I think a lot of people like me, the quiet little guys who aren’t really represented by anyone, finally said, yo bitch, you’ve stepped on my toes a few times and I shrugged it off, but its time to rein your happy feet in a little.

As far as the freakouts go, first, blow your nose, stand up straight and try respecting yourself as a grown ass person for a moment. No one is going to take your same sex marriage away. You might have to deal with the fact that in a  free market you cant send someone to jail because they don’t want to serve you though. And you know what, then you don’t use them, you tell your friends not to use them, but your legs aren’t broke, your wallet is still full, and I guarantee there’s a better baker around the corner anyway.

Your social programs aren’t going to suddenly disappear either. Their tentacles are too far wrapped into the system to stop having tax payer money funneled into those programs which benefit people other than the ones paying for them. You might have to participate a little more, or god forbid put some work in, but we did not become America the Great by dragging dead weight along and saying it was ok. “I know, I know, its hard and unfair little Buttercup, now here’s your broom, go sweep the aisles and you can get a starting wage for it, not a living wage, you’ll have to do better than the bare minimum to make a living wage, this is a starting wage.”

Oh and your daddy isn’t going to get sent away either… unless hes a criminal. No really, he might find it a little harder to stay an illegal citizen, working here, not going through the proper channels that are asked of anyone wanting to immigrate and assimilate into this country, but he’ll have his opportunity to do whats right. If he makes the choice not to, then welcome to the real world.

“Racist! Sexist! Bigot!”

Sorry, you’re inability to refute history or the steps necessary for the progression of a healthy modern society doesn’t break my legs or empty my wallet. Shut your whining mouth, read a book and strap on a pair if you want to be heard.

It is my belief that in this election, people, Americans, those rural hillbillies that somehow took all three levels of the government, they weren’t voting FOR him, or AGAINST her, they were voting against the system as it is. Personally, I think too many people took Trump to literally and hated him for it. They took him literally, but not seriously. Well some, and I will admit, some people in their ignorance took his literal words of bigotry and that fed them, but some Americans took him seriously, and not literally and that’s who voted last night. They seriously saw a chance to tell the progressive system of big government that it was time to slow up a bit cause it was way too big for its britches. Trump has proven to be a pretty literal brand of jackass; he might stick with his selfish, off the cuff, knee jerk, ego driven words, and that really wont surprise me. I’m an actions over words guy through, so I’m going to give him a chance.


Free Book Friday…

…and Saturday.


Putting the third book in my series out there for a free download. Please scoop it up, read it if you want to,  a review on amazon would be great, and share the freebie and the whole series with your social medial if you would. Hope you enjoy!


Fall Update

I’ve had a distinct lack of blogging lately that I’m all too aware of so I thought I’d drop a line just to toss it out there. As a non-professional writer with a day job, I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to with everything else. Lately, enjoying and using the last days of summer and fall have taken up most my time and energy. A logging truck load of twelve cords of firewood to process, a late season backpacking trip, a pain in the butt car I’ve finally rehabbed enough to fire off, yet not drive, oh and the family too, have been where most all of my focus has been… although not all of it. I have been writing quite a bit and after the relatively lackluster performance of my first attempt at a series, I think I’m finally evolving to the next level – a baby step in the authoring world, but the next level for me none the less.

While the fires are lit, I’m making headway on my next story and have much more defined outlines for another two which will be a little more of a return to the dystopian realm where I started. I’m hesitantly excited for those. Hesitant because I just haven’t seen much of a following gather around my previous work. I have a couple facebook friends and a couple less followers of this blog, which I’m not complaining about, just have to keep my expectations in check. Once I start to slow down on the new stuff, I’ll take a break and get the old stuff maybe a little more spruced up, trying to make it attractive again. Also will be seriously looking at changing the way I do things as far as self publishing goes for this next book at least. Doesn’t hurt to shop anyway.

I would like to do a few more articles/posts back about preparedness in the real world again so look for those too. I’m trying to not let the current political climate direct any of my thinking; no hoarding more than normal for me. More so just some thoughts on my non-producing garden this year, some shooting and drill reviews, maybe some thoughts on simplification and how it can help in the SHTF plans we all think about.

None of these posts are going to be very wrapped up in whole politics thing right now, I just refuse. I’m not watching the debates, I’m not even watching the news in the morning anymore when all the lead headlines are which (non)celebrities got invited to sit in the front rows. It’s all mindless, inconsequential crap. Neither candidate reflects my views and I can’t stand to watch or listen to the arrogant, practiced debater with that swarmy, pretentious political grin, or the blithering idiot who can’t string one complete sentence together, and especially not one coherent counterpoint. It’s a lose lose and I’m going to refuse to lose by concentrating on getting my house ready for winter instead. Its frustratingly freeing, you should try it.

Thanks for reading. Tell your friends. Buy a tee shirt. Write something today.


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Officers down

A pregnant lady just asked me a little bit ago, “why’s all this happening?”

I was – am – just pissed off enough to tell her the truth. “Because everyone is a pussy.”

We all want peace, but it doesn’t come lightly. The world has never been a nice place. From the beginning of recorded time, it has not been a peaceful, happy go lucky, easy peasy world. It is how you handle the not nice part that keeps things peaceful. Yeah a utopia with no violence or evil or thoughts of violence or evil would be great. But that is not a real fucking thing. It IS NOT obtainable. Violence remains. Violence persists. The only way to stem that violence, to quell it, is to have the harder line. It is dropping a nuke on Japan and 70 years later they still are itching to be economic and trade allies with us. Why? Because they respected our strength to do what had to be done and our un-anxious willingness to do it again.

Tonight’s killings of police offices in Dallas doesn’t shock me. It’s been getting worse and worse each year. People have no respect for one another and especially none for police or people in authority. You have tons of mental patients walking the streets. Then you throw in all the drugs people are burning their minds out on, plus tons of families that are broken. Daddy is in jail or prison, mommy is either a drug addict and still using when  pregnant or wishes she was and only sees contempt for having to grow up and become some low functioning form of an adult. Don’t worry, you can still talk on your cell phone during a movie, wear pajamas out in public, and not stand when a flag passes because the only reason you took your Ritalin addled little bastards to the Armed Forces parade was for the free candy.

I see this everyday. Nobody wants to work and they want everything, or are just in a holding pattern to inherit what mommy and daddy worked for their whole lives. That’ll fix it and change everything!  I’ve seen it. First hand. Most people that come to jail think they are doing nothing wrong. Seriously, it’s not about them screwing up and getting caught. Yeah right! This is all becoming a really bad, really sad joke.

Recently I denied someone a clearance on a background check. They became indignant and started in on how the man is holding them down. They wanted their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness! It aint guaranteed. You get a chance to pursue it here, you aren’t guaranteed jack shit.

So yes, look for your reasons. Talk of hugs and loving everyone and how inanimate objects are evil and corporations and interest groups are the problem, but don’t say it to me; I wont say a damn word in return. I get what it takes to be strong and live in the real world.

Book 3, Crossing Blurred Lines… and other stuff.

Alright sports fans, time again for the main event…

After a LOT of long, long hours, days (mostly nights), and many, many words, I bring you the third book in the series!

CBL Cover

This, is Crossing Blurred Lines! (Did anyone read that in a Ryan Seacrest “This, is American Idol” voice? Man I hope so.)

The official blurb:

Tired, beat down, discouraged, and without hope, but not done yet.The raids had been getting worse; more frequent, more organized, more devastating. A group of peacekeepers was brought in, and then they got their man. In this, the third installment of Ian Daniels’ pioneering series, we see that the pendulum of life catches up to everyone. Branded an outlaw and forced to run, doing the right thing is usually still pretty simple. Living with having done the right thing seems to be the hard part… until you realize you’re too fed up to care anymore. Blurred lines don’t just get crossed, they get trampled, as events set in motion long ago are attempted to be set right. Hero’s don’t survive, and the villains won’t either. Will you?

My blurb:

Fart jokes, bewbs, and shootin’ shit.

Ok fine, I’ll quit screwing around. Honestly yes, I again wrote this for an audience of one: myself. As has been shown with the success of the other books though, I’m not the only one who likes a somewhat plausible guilty pleasure action story set in an end of the world scenario. I am a student of collapsing nations around the globe and the literary world I have created I do not feel is very implausible, and sometimes not all that far off either. It would take one, one big time disaster domino to set it all off, or in my estimation, we just slide and slide and slide until Argentina, The Balkans, Greece, and most war torn African nations all look like nice places to vacation compared to what the US could become.

I am also a student of counter terror with a focus on the now outdated practice of physical reconnaissance. The characters I tried to bring to life are not all super soldiers, know-it-alls, or the type that everything works out ok for; I tried to keep them real. You know what is real in my world? Levity. A long time ago I dislocated both of my thumbs at the same time, you know what my buddy asked me? How in the world was I going to wipe my butt? He wasn’t exactly volunteering either. I did not base these characters on myself or my life, they are just creations of my overly imaginative distraction rattled brain. I’m a day dreamer, but I do feel that I made these characters more real and relatable than many other characters in many other books Ive read.

The Synopsis:

When we last left our group (remember Against the Grain, the first book?), some much needed help had arrived. Getting the families set up and working together was no easy task, but it was the best way, possibly the only way, to truly survive.

Fast forward a few months or a year (ha ha, I purposefully made everything ambiguous…), and the combined families of the Harris’, the Meehans, and a few other notable cast members (RJ and Megan to name a few) are beginning to figure out just what it takes and how to live in this type of world without failing left and right. It takes strength, guts, ingenuity and a little bit of luck.

Well luck runs a little shorter for some then it does for others. Driven out and trying to avoid completely being on the run, we find out that the Ranch families are not the only ones who have developed a community around themselves. Some of the groups and places are small and well mannered, some not so much. In such a relatively isolated section of the country, they are all seemingly interconnected if not by similar ideas or practices, then by actual intentional links of planning through trade.

For someone that has always only wanted to go his own way, continually being forced into participating in other peoples problems puts a strain on even someone that is really only trying to do the right thing. Whats left when the smoke and dust finally settles? Someone who held true to his convictions no matter what the cost, or someone who finally took the easy way and let what he was good at out to run free, kick ass, and take names later?

This, is Crossing Blurred Lines! (Sorry, had to do it.)

I set the release for Monday, June 20th 2016, and am hoping to book bomb it on that day to get the most views and buys and trigger Amazon’s algorithm that will start getting it moving along all the shared channels and networks. I could really use everyone’s help with sharing all this across any and every social media source you have. I’ll be working on the the guerilla marketing from my end and am going to try to not annoy people too much on forums, Facebook and Twitter, but again, I would love the help if anyone can share, like, or better yet, put a post out yourselves.

Preorder now or buy it on Amazon on Monday… or you know, whenever, as long as you get a copy, but Monday the 20th would be a good date to do it.

Oh and for anyone who has missed out on the first two,  I combined them into one so you can get caught up on the story without paying for each individually.
Combination front cover.jpg

Buy it here on Amazon

I’ll get the paperback versions of both Crossing Blurred Lines and the combo book up shortly, they take a little longer to link into Amazon. I think 7-10 days is the number usually given. The Buying Stuff and Contacting Me page of this site has links to buying them both on other medias for that .01% of people that don’t use Amazon for everything.

A final thought:

I cannot express how much I appreciate the continued interest from everyone. Seeing these stories shared and talked about really makes it worthwhile for fledgling hobby writers such as myself to put the work in. I have been contacted by so many of you and really want to say thank you to every individual person who has kept the conversation going. It ignites the incentive to keep writing more than you will ever know. To those who have been inspired to write your own books after reading some of mine as you have shared with me, congratulations, and I’m sorry. Its a roller coaster, but hell, what else were we doing with our down time anyway? Hope you guys enjoy this next (final?) installment.

– Ian Daniels



Thanks everybody!


“We need food, not guns”

I’ve been following the events in Venezuela for a while now, watching the ramp up and the fall out, studying it. Its ugly and getting worse. Its also a good time for those who are not experiencing the same things to understand the issues at play and the reactions to situation.

First, for context, here are a few snippets from the Miami Herald:http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/andres-oppenheimer/article73657547.html

Many Venezuelans believe the country will explode much sooner than in 12 to 18 months. Prices go up daily, supermarket shelves are near empty, there are growing electricity shortages — Maduro has declared every Friday in April and May a non-working holiday in order to save energy — and crime statistics are skyrocketing.

The Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar, is increasingly worthless. Not even robbers want it: a few months ago, news report quoted an engineer named Pedro Venero as saying that he was attacked by armed robbers who were looking for U.S. dollars stashed in his home, but refused to take Bolivars.

There is an interesting discussion on reddit about this. people living in Venezuela have attempted to describe the conditions they are living under.

“Venezuelan here, living in Venezuela. I shared with you guys what life was like living in Venezuela a few months ago, but incredibly it has gotten worse. Back then we didn’t have that many power outages. Now there are 4-8 hour outages everyday. Weekends start on Wednesdays. Water is coming super gross through the pipes. What I’ve noticed recently is that the country has nearly stopped “moving”. That and you hear about looting nearly every week. Doing anything at the bank or at some public office takes you so many, unnecessary days because of the power outages.
Most people I feel don’t even want to work anymore now because the wages are too low and even if their wages were high there’s not that much to buy. Food is the new money in Venezuela. If you have a lot of food then you are rich. It kinda feels like a Zombie Apocalypse but without the Zombies.”

When asked why don’t people just leave the country and live somewhere else, it was said due to hyper inflation they can’t afford to buy any tickets.

“I’m a middle class Venezuelan, and while I would love to get the fuck out of here, not I, or any other low to middle class friend I know can get out.
I would need to work about 25 months on minimum salary, without spending any of it to be ABLE TO AFFORD the tickets to get out, I even dread how much would I have to work to rent something or have enough US dollars $ in cash.”

Another fascinating account of life during this complete meltdown of their economy and civility: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/4ha9pa/venezuela_nearing_total_collapse/d2ox7k5

The parts in this whole thread that made me think were when someone from the US asked if they can get guns to defend themselves. Of course this is a natural thing we would would immediately wonder. The replies were “you can’t eat a gun” and that guns are not a priority when there is no food. Someone asked well don’t you want to protect yourself? The answer was “I have no food or money, there is little anyone could steal from me and I have to feed my wife and children.”

Another person said they were from Serbia and during their war in the 90’s the region was full of guns but also very little food. He claimed that having a gun did little to help people survive. Having food and toiletries were the main focus of the general public.

It just goes to show that having a gun helps you keep what you (should have) been storing, but having stacks of rifles and ammo is of limited usefulness. Fun and interesting sure, but virtually worthless if you don’t have food and water stored as well. Sexy it is not, but gardens and toilet paper are the priorities. As an Argentinian survivor recently wrote: “I see Venezuela and think of Argentina and the steps to take are basically the same: Store food for SHTF, save money, have a gun for sure, and if things go Venezuela wherever it is that you are, just get the hell out of there before it kills you or drives you nuts.”

If it lights off here, for many reasons, I’m not going anywhere. First of all I think that if the US falls to these ways, nowhere you could go will be better. I’m a fairly simply middle class dude and that sucks. In places that experience these downturns, there is no middle class. Its a mass of poor, some of them former middle class, and then a handful of extremely rich people pretending that things will get better.

I loosely wrote this type of collapse into my books and had many people wave it off as a crappy fantasy scenario. “Riots out of nowhere? Please…”

When civil discontent reaches the level of civil disobedience, when demonstrators begin organizing and grouping together like its going to change things (sorry, soapbox topic) it is a very, very short step into lashing out at anything and everything. We have seen it time and again. That part sucks; the aftermath sucks more. Now there is just even more of a mess and a feeling of discord and helplessness as the issues continue on.

Fiction novel SHTF fantasies are just that, a fantasy. A good concealed pistol and knowing how to use it along with a working rifle and shotgun with a little ammo and you have more then you will probably ever realistically need to protect yourself. The real need comes in a good base level of supplies along with friends, family, and a decent community (hard to find). That is what pulls through the real disasters.

Lets talk about that for a moment. Singularly, producing food is hard. As a group, simple math says that you need more food for the more people you have helping you do the work. Even in today’s hippie dippie – I say it with love to my parents – local produce, eat fresh, eat local, whatever the buzzword campaign of the day is thats cool to print on your menu, very few people or areas are 100% self sufficient foodwise and even those that are rely heavily on infrastructure. The meaning behind that dumbass  quote comes back to haunt us: “You didn’t do that yourself.”

Start with having the usable land, tilling it, any machine upkeep let alone fuel, getting the seeds, planting the seeds, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, preserving, selling, transporting… theres a reason there arent any small time farmers around anymore; its a full time job and its too damn hard to feed yourself. Modern western ag is a highly developed science that allows massive yields with (relatively) low risk. Your backyard garden, not so much.

Now I’m saying crops but it extends to animals too. I like a good steak as much as the next guy but I need a well balanced diet to not feel like crap and go insane.

So whats the answer? Network. Good neighbors in a good neighborhood are the best start I can come up with. Eat your stockpiled food while the crops grow, trade, barter, protect… all things that need to be learned and practiced now lest they be needed later.