How to Write Steampunk

Good writing is good writing, without a doubt. With any writing you still need to follow the basics tenets of grammar and story development and foreshadowing and the like, but as I venture into my first foray of writing Steampunk stylized science fiction/fantasy, I find that the lines of what’s appropriate are sometimes blurred in some very fun ways.

“Oh man, not more airships and brass rivets and gears and steam engines… it’s been done!”

Well yeah, but not by me. Look the genre was awesome when it hit the scene because it was different, then it got saturated and people got tired of it, but really Steampunk is not a genre; it’s a subset of many different genres; a cloak to wrap a story in, and an interesting one at that. I am not writing an alternate world that is  dominated by mighty machines, powered by scientifically impossible steam engines that take themselves all too seriously. But a throwback setting of scientific adventure and romance… heck yeah, why not? A Steampunk story seems to me to offer a unique chance to explore and thrill in a way that speaks to the minds and imaginations of many different moods.

Truth to tell, I have not read nearly enough in the genre, or much of what most people consider traditional science fiction either. At least not lately. So maybe I’m getting it all wrong. The couple of Steampunk books I have read were very highly rated and reviewed… and I didn’t like them all that much. I could see their imagination, but I could also see their influences and motivations, and it’s hard to mask your reverence for a highly popular space opera that was one of its kind if that’s your only muse. I mean that’s fine, but when you can create anything you want, get weird with it. Have fun with it, at least get different with it.

Sure, in science fiction you need to have a good original concept outlined to make the story be something. You need a strong plot, interesting characters, and an appropriate, engrossing setting. You are creating a whole new world that never existed before, but therein lies the fun: there are no rules except what you create. You want your characters to have what we think of as super powers, or machines that do things not physically possible? Science fiction yo, write it into existence.

Another thing I am enjoying is something that has been a downfall for most my other writing: too wordy (until I edit it down). In Steampunk with it’s Victorian era influences to class, structure, and language, wordy is right. With Steampunk you get to make up new terms or use old ones that have long ago been dropped from our modern English vernacular. It does amp up the amount of google word synonym searches, but man is it fun to use old timey terms when talking about a machine we could only hope to see fifty years from now in the future.

Traditionally, to make a story fit into the Steampunk category you have some standard additions and rules to adhere to. A classical facade for one. Another – which is interesting considering the social demonstrations of feminism and minorities we have seen in the real world of late – is the idea that the term of a ‘fairer sex’ never happened. In most Steampunk novels, chivalry was advanced and women were not seen as meek, needing to be protected. That tenet alone brings with it a whole new set of rules… and dangers. In my opinion, fiction is fiction and the lines get to get crossed when you want them to. Mechanical and magical can get combined, and if done right, can work really really well. Feminism combined with servants? Oh it’ll put some people’s gender inappropriate undies in a twist, but see if I care.

And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are strict rules to follow, things not to combine, things not to say or do, and maybe I should google that too, but for now, I’m enjoying the freedom, along with the technical research and studious note taking and organizing that it takes to keep straight everything about creating a whole new world, time, language and people. Steampunk was born to be an over-the-top form. The trick is making it relate-able to other people.


Beware the man with one gun

The idea of the general purpose / do-it-all rifle is not a new one by any means. It’s an idea born out of wanting simplicity, and who doesn’t like that? The issue is though, that one platform may be ok to good at most everything, but great at not anything at all and the more effective something is in one area, the less so in every other application. So, we end up with compromises. It’s hard to find something that will work as good at 50 yards as it will at 500, let alone 0 to 500.

But first, let’s back up a little. A long time ago people only had one gun and they pushed it into working for every role they needed it to. From loading a flintlock with bird shot to developing an over/under rifle shotgun combo, to utilizing a lever gun against game too big – and too small – for the .357 or 30-30 it was chambered in, and finally to developing a ‘modern’ platform like the AR15 which can be infinitely modified and personalized. Since the time that apes began smashing their thumbs with rocks, we have always looked to make one tool work for multiple jobs.

In recent years, people have come back around to the general purpose firearm. Most of them are looking at it all wrong though… in my opinion.  Specific tasks NEED specific tools. A person grabbing something for direct contact is going to want a drum fed, quick aiming blah blah blah. Nine times out of ten, that same gun is not going to be what a guy grabs to go hunting, or bump in the night checking around, or to have sitting around camp in a remote spot.  And that’s ok too; specific tool for specific uses and all that.

In the last ten years or so with this recent resurgence, the Main Battle Rifle (MBR) has reared its head yet again as a top contender for a general purpose rifle. The M1A, CETME/PTR-91, FAL, AR-10(debatable) are the usual suspects, and these are all good choices, good for a general purpose COMBAT rifle, which is the main distinction here. A good combat rifle is not a general do-it-all gun.

And of course the guys that don’t want to admit the utility or a robust design, full power gun will begin to widdle down, complicate, and justify the issue to suit their opinions on the matter touting that a 75 grain Vmax bullet out of AR15 will stretch out to distance, is of lethal weight and design, is shot out of a more compact and lighter to carry… etc ad nauseum, just because that’s what they have and what they know. Honestly, I can’t find a whole lot wrong with that. The AR while maybe not as stoic as the MBRs above, is  undeniable. The platform’s best advantage is how many different ways you can change it. Still though, as adaptable as it is, it is lacking in a certain confidence inspiring something that the MBR gives. Subjective yes, but also I think more than a few will agree. In turn, what the MBR lacks is plenty. Usually they are heavy, and referred to as ‘combat accurate’ which to me is anywhere from 3-5 MOA. Not the type of accuracy a person should aspire for. This is not about the merits of those platforms though.

What I am talking about is my idea of the do-it-all one gun. Forgetting the General purpose COMBAT rifle, my one gun is probably most akin to the ‘truck gun’ concept. And here is my rationale: As alluded to above, this is not your go-to-a-fight weapon. Picture this: Taking the family up for a day drive to the cabin and you don’t feel like cramping the kids space in the back seat of the truck with your four foot long bolt action scout rifle. Yes it rides in the back seat, not in the bed… that’s just not even in question.  You also don’t want to haul your AR and thirty pounds of mags and chest carrier and all the accessory gear you seem to think you need with your AR. You’ve already got your too heavy backpack full of the best budget survival items thrown in, even though chances are if you break down it’s the first thing that gets left cause you have to wear the kid carrier and diaper bag instead. Now at the cabin, you spot that elusive coyote that you were trying for all winter, or that pesky black bear that hangs out up there has finally worn out its welcome when your wife is trying to pee and it sees her as competition… ok I’m obviously stretching for a specific here so let’s just say for family defense at the cabin. Then on the way back home later that night if an EMP sponsored apocalypse doesn’t stop you first, you get to your house on the outskirts of town and notice the garage door ajar…

While each of these scenarios all would best be handled by a niche gun for their specific situation, they can all be handled rather well by the one gun. Caliber wars aside, for my idea, it’s in 308. It just is. It’s the best all purpose caliber for the role of this gun. That said, let’s look at the platform. You need something that is relatively compact to best be able to be used around a vehicle and structure in a CQB role, as well as having a barrel long enough to carry the bullet velocity out to make that 600 yard coyote shot, with a conservatively sized 1×4 or 1×6 scope on top of course, all in one package.

This subject has not so coincidentally come up for me during the week of the 2017 SHOT Show. No, I haven’t hit the self-publishing puny author big time and been invited to attend, I am like the 99.9% of the rest of the gun guys in America and watching it in not so real time on various forums and on YouTube. I did have a few heads up ideas to wait until SHOT though to see what innovations to my specific item(s) of interest would be.  Namely and notably, a bullpup firearm calibered in 308. As of right now, there are 2.5 offerings out there to consider.

Yes a bullpup in a heavy caliber. First let’s talk about the bullpup design. It’s really pretty simple; a bullpup is compact. Look, take a sledge hammer and hold it out at arm’s length by the end of the handle. not so easy right? Now choke up and hold that sledge right up by the head. It’s simple physics. The best part about a bullpup is that it stays compact while still retaining the characteristics of a long barrel that are needed to keep velocities up at range. NO they aren’t as intuitive, but mostly because Americans didn’t grow up shooting them so they seem awkward and weird due to simple unfamiliarity. Also, bullpups aren’t meant to be shot off a bench for accuracy. They are carry and shoot guns, not bench stable, slow fire contest winners. I don’t bench shoot much but do sling up a lot, so that’s just fine by me.


First is the Desert Tech MDR. Desert Tech is a small, quality company which has been around in the market here and there, but two years ago when it announced their bullpup design, they finally caught fire. Unfortunately, they also found out just how hard it is to get a 308 to work in a bullpup design. This isn’t as easy as supersizing an AR15 to make an AR10… which few companies get right anyway. Literally every part of this idea has had to be created from scratch… and then tested. Desert Tech pulled through though it seems and has had a good showing at SHOT 2017. Estimated pricing is in the $2,250 range. That’s a pretty penny no matter who you are, but in this arena you have to pay to play. There is no cheap option and I don’t know if you want to shoot a 308 bullpup where the manufacturing came in under budget. The MDR weighs 7 lbs, is 26 inches long with its 16” barrel. Oh and remember how I said bullpups aren’t for bench shooting? Well this one comes in on the verge of sub MOA accuracy.


The second is the K&M M17S. A newer and not always well thought of company, the K&M bullpup weighs in just over 8lbs, a little over 26” inches long with its 16” barrel, uses AR style 308 magazines and is generally pretty well though of. It is mostly all aluminum and not as ambidextrous as the others,  takes a lot of AR parts and has a good length top rail. The trigger is adjustable from 3.5 to 5 pounds of pull, easily the lightest of the 3. Asking price is right at $2,000.00.


Finally the Kel-Tec RFB. Yes Kel-Tec. Hence the .5 of my 2.5 offerings available.  Kel-Tec as a company are leaders of innovative design as much as they are leaders of un-surety in the public’s mind. Substantiated on not, questions of quality control and product availability abound when talking about Kel-Tec anything. Kel-Tec is actually on the second generation of RFB’s and the kinks, for the most part, seem to have been identified, if not worked out. The RFB was the first of its kind, making its debut in 2008. It’s caliber distinction almost out shown by its innovative forward ejecting tube that the brass gets deposited down. THE RFB uses FAL mags, weighs in at 8lbs and is 26” long with the 18” barrel. The RFB does only has 10” of rail space up top, and the trigger is thought of as exceptionally good although heavy around the 6 pound range. Its short gas stroke piston, and non-free floated barrel along with everything else generally produces 3 MOA groups.  Asking price these days is about $1,300.00.

The one-gun for me needs to have a few attributes that they can hang their hat on. First , it needs to work. Period. So far, the Desert Tech is un-tested, the K&M is making a good name for itself and the Kel-Tec, once fiddled with to find the right 1 of 18 gas settings for a specific ammo, well it works for most people if they have the patience to keep it long enough to get it dialed in.  Also, this gun needs to easily be able to accept an optic that doesn’t require a chin weld to be able to use it because it’s mounted so high. Along that line of thinking, it might be nice if it doesn’t blind you if on the off chance you choose to shoot it left handed. The Kel-Tec and Desert Tech ejects cases out front and the K&M has a pretty effective deflector, although you have to change its positioning for where you want the ejected casings to go. Now one big issue for me is the barrel length. I’m no long range shooter but I want this to be capable out to as far as possible. 308 out of a 16 inch barrel is just fine for 400 to 500 with the right bullet and hold over. I think 18” is the sweet spot for a 308 gun myself, but this is already not a very traditional idea so a few rules can be bent. Either way it’s not like this is some 11” FAL spitting fire blooms and deafening half the county.

No, bullpups aren’t AK simple to take apart for inspection and cleaning, and no they aren’t AR simple to clear a jam, but they don’t have to be, remember? This is not a gun you are going to put 5,000 rounds through probably in its entire lifetime (that’s $2,500 of the cheap ammo btw). Not that any of these three can’t take it, but it’s like that truck gun, carried with you a bit, and shot enough to know you can use it and it’ll work for you. The Kel-Tec is the best budgetable offering to be affordable and know that you aren’t going to be blasting away every weekend with it.  Somehow that doesn’t sound as promising as I thought it would. If the Desert Tech actually works, given their company rep., they are worth a few hundred extra bucks over the K&M imo, but there are some pretty big ‘ifs’ in there.

If a guy found a used Kel-Tec RFB with say 5 mags, a sling, and an optic of some kind for $1300, I would buy that in an instant. Is it worth $1300 bare bones one mag, right out of the box? Maybe, but after tax and transfer, that’s still a chunk, then you have to outfit it on top of that. The Desert Tech coming in just above the K&M in pricing puts it as the probable winner for over all quality. Is it a winner for $2,250 plus tax, plus mags, sling, scope and mounts? Well hell, when I put it like that, that AR you already have with a mag of good ammo is starting to sound better and better…

I’ve got mail

Haven’t written about writing in a while…

I’ve got the first draft done of my genre jump into a contemporary type fiction. I sent an e-copy to the guy who has looked over my last few books. He catches some edits I missed but doesn’t do much commentary or critique. I hate E-reading myself, so I formatted and ordered a paperback proof to give to someone else to take a look at it. She is a quality reader, IE likes books of a lot better quality than the stuff I put out, and while that makes me apprehensive, I think I’ll get some good feedback from her too.
And that’s what I’m really looking for with this one. As I stroll a little late into the party of the genre that was created by Twilight and 50 Shades, a sub-sect of post high school-young adult fiction (being referred to as New Adult Fiction: see:, I really do see this one as having what it takes to make a name for itself. My other books have been, and probably will continue to be in the dystopian genre (more or less for the next two I have lined out anyway). And while my first -Against the Grain – entered when the market was hot, survival fiction is starting to get played out. I didn’t write this new one thinking it would make money and junk, as always, I still only write for me, but I’ll admit to enjoying a chick flick, “girls” book, or CW network TV show every now and again. This new book is definitely in that realm.
I have only self published so far and thought I would actually query a few traditional publishers with this new one, but after reading a few articles, and a few especially convincing words from the author of Wool (google it, its worth your time) I’m beginning to think I’ll simply self-publish this one as well and let the cards fall where they may. Is it ‘cards fall’ or ‘chips fall’?
I’ve been drinking.
Anyway, lots of work left to do.

Electronic Go-Bag

I don’t travel much and when I do its usually within about two hours from home. That’s not because I’m some shut in, I mean I am, and its also not because I’m all paranoid about the world ending while I’m away from home with all my stuff, which again, I am, but I don’t travel much because I like where I live. I live in an area that within two hours travel time I have all the stuff I like to do. Mountains, forests,  lakes, rivers, plains… I’m not much of a beach goer and if i was, the closest ocean to me is  seven hours away and generally 40 to 60 degrees year round. Most my family lives here, and the others who don’t that we do want to see live within 4 hours in either direction… so we only see them once a year or so. When I do travel, I have a few standards I take with me. One of those being an electronics gear kit.

This is not about a survival in the woods type of thing, this is an every day survival thing in this culture of electronic everything. Now I am not one of those people that feels naked and afraid without their cell phone, but it is a part of my life. It connects me to my family, immediate information, and hilarious texts when my buddy is on the toilet and runs out of toilet paper. And really, who among us hasn’t been unexpectedly stuck somewhere with your phone battery running low and wishing you could get an updated weather report… or  play another game of bejewled?

So when I do travel farther than my normal day to day activities, I have a small, handy kit that travels with me. I try to keep it simple enough to not make it a pain to remember to grab or handle, because like a huge CCW pistol, you’ll opt to leave it home when you run to the grocery store for milk. My kit lives in a MOLLE compatible bag so I can attach it to any other bag/backpack that I happen to have with me. Its large enough to hold what I need it to hold, but small enough to be able to bury it in a larger pack too. I also added a thin shoulder strap in case I want to use it stand alone for any reason. This bag is purposeful and also necessary because I can’t afford to have duplicates of all this gear in each of my different kits, so this one bag goes with whatever other setup I take for that occasion.

Inside this handy carrying bag, I keep charging cords for both apple and android style devices, a USB 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter, and a standard USB wall plug in adapter. This wall adapter came with an Ipad or something and is a 12 Watt 2.4 Amp charger which charges extra quick compared to a regular 1 Amp plug in. Those are the items that get used the utmost – although of course I have power cords and adapters that live permanently in my truck – but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t over plan. Also included is a hand held CB radio with its charging cord and an upgraded antenna, a hand held GMRS radio that can talk to the CB radio (because what good is only one radio when you need to stay in contact with someone in your group?), a small flashlight with a red lens that can can be put on (because I’m tacticool like that), a GPS unit, a traditional compass, a watch that reads barometric pressure, temp, altitude and oh yeah, time (it was on sale), a separate external battery for the Iphone, AA batteries for all the other electronics (because I like standardization), a push to talk microphone and ear piece for the GMRS, a write in the rain pad and pen for any notes I want or need to jot down, and a cheat sheet of my local frequencies to monitor.

Seems like a lot when I list it but really it all fits in a bag about 2/3rds the size of a loaf of bread.

I don’t have a scanner or a solar panel for this kit. My phone has a scanner app which is not much in an emergency I know, but the scanner I do own while its hand held, is big and heavy so it gets left behind to save bulk and weight in my bag. While I’m sure I’ll eventually buy one, I just don’t see needing a solar charger for my uses. If I’m in the woods where there’s no power, I’m not wanting my phone anyway. Besides the fact, in reality in today’s world, you can usually walk anywhere that has power to tap into in less than an hour. The other thing that I could add and haven’t is a USB thumb drive. I suck at encryptions so I simply haven’t tossed a drive together yet.

This kit is tailored to me with the smaller items mostly having been collected over the years or included with other purchases, so it didn’t take much to throw it together, but its already been very valuable and useful in my everyday carry travels.

Where’d all the cheap surplus go?

Mosins for $79.95 ,SKS’s for $170, AK’s for under $500… yeah those days are gone. With the changing political climate, there is a possibility of them coming back, but as of right now, the cheap surplus/com bloc guns are a thing of the past… and that’s not a bad thing.

Look, I love the old, (formerly) cheap guns, but more often than not, they were a crutch, just as the cheap AR15’s are now a crutch. As an introduction and entry into military sporting and combat arms, the cheaper imported weapons were invaluable. They work(ed) and work(ed) well. Reliable, combat accurate, and more importantly, combat proven. No the Century rebuilt AK’s aren’t exactly the same standard or quality as the Russian or Chinese made offerings (damn if that isn’t a hard sentence to write), but they weren’t total crap either. I always thought AK snobs were weird people. With the affordable guns that worked, came a real negative though; people bought a very inexpensive gun, maybe grabbed some bottom dollar ammo and mags and said, “Great, I’m a shooter now!” Invariably they then bought some Tapco products to ‘upgrade’ and accessorize – here’s a hint, an AK does not need a rubber buffer pad at the back of the receiver, and you’re never going to accurize one of these guns – but then they called it good.

I’ve written about this before; people buy the cheap stuff as an introduction, and then stall out and never truly upgrade to the next platform. Well now, with the lack of ‘cheap’ soviet surplus weapons out there and the plethora of ‘cheap’ AR15’s now available, in a sense, the market is forcing people to upgrade. Am I saying the cheap AR15 is better? Heck no, it is an upgrade in a very real sense though. What it does is force people to learn about shooting and the mechanics of their tools. A hand held vice is no longer your sight adjuster and Cheaper than Dirt or the Sportsman’s Guide is no longer your source for parts.

The cheapest of AR15’s needs to be built from parts kit and its really not all that hard to do. Building your own gun forces you to learn about it. You don’t learn much when you buy some big block of a bolt action M38 where the most you have to research about is how to bake cosmoline out of the bolt in your oven or how to chuck up a cleaning rod and pad with some metal polish on it in your drill to clean up the chamber a bit so you don’t need a hammer to work the bolt after firing anymore.

Even cheap AR’s teach you about the math of sight adjustments. If you’re paying attention, it teaches you about proper stock length, and balance of where to place your sling… and how to use a sling. The AR is so customizable that people have many, many more opportunities to add or change to quality parts in their guns and see how those changes actually effect usability, accuracy, and sometimes even reliability.

I have a few cheap ARs that have done well over the years at the range. They started with bottom dollar parts and over time and use, were changed and modified all over the board. Big name 1:8 twist barrel, high dollar bolts and carriers, springs that didn’t come from a no-name overseas manufacturer, one melonite coated piston kit… do they equal a Daniel Defense after all that? No, and I wouldn’t take them into an urban combat setting expecting them to act like they did.

Yes I separate what platform I would take in an urban versus a rural environment…and if I was vehicle mounted or on foot, or on my own or with a team… I study a lot and think a lot, whatever, moving on.

Like a high end pistol with a quality red dot sight properly mounted on it, I’m not going to pretend that what I have is equal to what professional grade offerings can do. My stuff needs tweaking, I have to plan for extra batteries or a parts failure… but I honestly think that makes me a better all around shooter to be going through those steps instead of just selling a car to fund an Knights SR15 that I’d never have to look at the internals of, and that’s what I like about not having the com bloc guns so readily available anymore; it increases the legitimacy and culture of today’s shooters.

If a guy were to ask me what direction to go, having never owned anything other than a 10/22, or maybe a pump action shotgun, I would say to wait for a holiday sale and start building up an AR15. I would also yell as loudly as possible to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Your first five parts orders had better not contain a forward vertical grip, a flashlight, or a red dot sight. You need iron sights (fixed front, fold-able rear will be allowed), a sling, and a simple way to mount the sling. Do not fall down the rabbit hole of sling mounts necessitating quick detach points which then mean you need a new buttstock with a QD mount or a new foreend to bolt a QD mount to… Keep it simple!

Grab some magazines; no, no LBE or plate carrier is necessary with those mags. You get some mags, some cheap sub .35 cents per round brass cased ammo – the one place I am a snob is no steel case in my AR’s (other than 5.45 surplus in my RECCE although that is a whole different animal), and targets. Not cardboard boxes from your last amazon order, or an old wood pallet, but actual targets you can see where you are actually hitting and can make the necessary measured adjustments. You shoot and learn and if you do even one mag dump, no one is going to take you seriously and you should feel bad. That is where this newest generation of shooters should be starting… and then get yourself an AK and go carry it in the woods like a real man.

Well, since everyone else is doing it…

Yeah, I’ll post about the stupid election crap. Mine might not sound like a normal celebratory conservative’s writings though because I’m not your normal conservative; I’m actually pretty social liberal, which we’ll get to in a moment. So first,  I was not pro Trump, and I am not pro Trump. I wasn’t for the other side either. And I damn sure wasn’t for that idiot pot head Johnson who got a surprising  amount of votes on Tuesday. Well, maybe its not that surprising an amount given our culture lately. So naturally you think I was a Cruz guy, in theory, sure, I was at first, but that too faded away. The reality of it is that no one very closely matched my beliefs. So while I thought, and still think, that Trump is a weapons grade jackass, I also had two fingers of victory whiskey last night and laughed my way to the bank this morning.

My elation was not at one the one teams win, it was at the utter confusion Trump’s numbers caused. The media – NBC is who I watched – didn’t even have teams dispatched to Trump rallies because they knew, KNEW he didn’t have a chance. Any time arrogance gets kicked in the balls, I’m a fan. They just couldn’t even comprehend a loss by the other side. If I heard right, there was a record voter turnout. The talking heads on the idiot box quickly dubbed it the “white vote,” the “rural white,” the “non college educated vote,” and finally today, I heard on national public television, it is being called the “hillbilly vote” that won the election.

Now I know I’m preaching to the choir here as anyone reading this is already of the same general conservative sway that I am, but just in case, let me make it real clear; it wasn’t the hillbilly vote you arrogant asses, no, it was the American vote. Record numbers of Americans stood up and said, you know what, I’m sick of everyone else being pussies. Everyone has hurt feelings, everyone gets a trophy, its bullshit and not the god loving American way.

Record numbers of American voters came out and proclaimed that all your crying, demonstrations, the certain lives matter rioting… its the same whining that real Americans are so tired of putting up with and finally told you all to shut your fool mouths for a minute.

“Rural Americans.” You know what I hear from that? I hear the takers versus the makers. I hear the loud talkers not knowing what the foundation of this country was, and what makes this country continue to run. Not politically, I’m talking about food, infrastructure, real stuff you can hold in your hands, not the tech mogul stuff, we’re talking that non sexy stuff that all Americans are addicted to like running water and flushing toilets; jobs and how cars and refrigerators get made and put into place… and then powered.

This progressive cultural shift that’s taken all our pretty little snow flakes and turned them into helpless pussies is pathetic. “Oh hes sexist, inflammatory, racist, decisive!” Look, cards on the table, your shit is weak and you sound and act like a bunch of sore losers; man the fuck up. You are victims of your own creations and sicken over fifty percent of the country given the results of last night. Your side created the hate, manufactured it to fit within your agenda of getting your selfish way and constantly screamed about it, well its on the other foot now and yeah, you’re goign to have to deal with the backlash you created.

… and deep breath…

Ok, so here is to the part where I actually agree with some of the liberal ideals. Look, I want us to move forward, grow, expand, become better than we are, but it doesn’t take a sociologist to tell you that without a sound foundation, the heavy top of a building will fall. You need a steady base. That used to be religion, but religion is gay now. Oh wait, cant say gay anymore. My stance is a strong, fiscally favorable base that a population can then expand from. Its running a house hold; either pay your bills first and be conscious of your budget,or all those life experience vacations are going to bankrupt you and leave you homeless. Of course I want to go on vacation, but you have to earn it;  and yall didn’t earn it yet.

In general, I govern myself with the old adage of, if its not breaking my legs or emptying my wallet, do your thing and I’ll do mine. I think a lot of people like me, the quiet little guys who aren’t really represented by anyone, finally said, yo bitch, you’ve stepped on my toes a few times and I shrugged it off, but its time to rein your happy feet in a little.

As far as the freakouts go, first, blow your nose, stand up straight and try respecting yourself as a grown ass person for a moment. No one is going to take your same sex marriage away. You might have to deal with the fact that in a  free market you cant send someone to jail because they don’t want to serve you though. And you know what, then you don’t use them, you tell your friends not to use them, but your legs aren’t broke, your wallet is still full, and I guarantee there’s a better baker around the corner anyway.

Your social programs aren’t going to suddenly disappear either. Their tentacles are too far wrapped into the system to stop having tax payer money funneled into those programs which benefit people other than the ones paying for them. You might have to participate a little more, or god forbid put some work in, but we did not become America the Great by dragging dead weight along and saying it was ok. “I know, I know, its hard and unfair little Buttercup, now here’s your broom, go sweep the aisles and you can get a starting wage for it, not a living wage, you’ll have to do better than the bare minimum to make a living wage, this is a starting wage.”

Oh and your daddy isn’t going to get sent away either… unless hes a criminal. No really, he might find it a little harder to stay an illegal citizen, working here, not going through the proper channels that are asked of anyone wanting to immigrate and assimilate into this country, but he’ll have his opportunity to do whats right. If he makes the choice not to, then welcome to the real world.

“Racist! Sexist! Bigot!”

Sorry, you’re inability to refute history or the steps necessary for the progression of a healthy modern society doesn’t break my legs or empty my wallet. Shut your whining mouth, read a book and strap on a pair if you want to be heard.

It is my belief that in this election, people, Americans, those rural hillbillies that somehow took all three levels of the government, they weren’t voting FOR him, or AGAINST her, they were voting against the system as it is. Personally, I think too many people took Trump to literally and hated him for it. They took him literally, but not seriously. Well some, and I will admit, some people in their ignorance took his literal words of bigotry and that fed them, but some Americans took him seriously, and not literally and that’s who voted last night. They seriously saw a chance to tell the progressive system of big government that it was time to slow up a bit cause it was way too big for its britches. Trump has proven to be a pretty literal brand of jackass; he might stick with his selfish, off the cuff, knee jerk, ego driven words, and that really wont surprise me. I’m an actions over words guy through, so I’m going to give him a chance.


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