Warriors Life

In a homage to the new-age Politically Correct type terms, I have decided to name this section the Warriors Life. I will not be new-agey or politically correct in here. I tossed around a couple of other hard core, trendy and tier one type titles, but this seemed to fit best.

Its not all about running and gunning, although admittedly, there will be plenty of that. In here I will detail some of my thoughts of keeping life balanced with out teetering too far to one side or the other. I have a garden at my house, but it is not meant to feed my family all year long. I like to go camping and hiking, but I dont do those things with a full load out of LBE and weapons. Does this make someone less of a warrior? I guess we’ll look at that too.

Also the reason I want to delve into the living world of the warrior is because not everyone is a warrior in the first degree, but there is always still a use for them. My 55 year old juvinelle diabetic mother in-law with congestive heart failure is a warrior in her own right. She was told she’d live to thirty years old… maybe. And that was before the multiple bouts of cancer and finally the leukemia that is slowly racing with all her other aliments to kill her, but she is still going strong. I’d call that a warrior. She is my go-to for canning, cooking, gardening, chicken farming and many other real things concerning this non perfect thing we call life.

Some warriors are gunsmiths, some are ham and shortwave radio savants, some are just good communicators and leaders. You don’t have to have a gun in your hand to be considered a warrior.



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