“Getting paid to write is the ultimate and most coveted slacker profession.” – evan wright

The cover my ass legal portion probably should say something about how all these characters and places and things I came up with are fictional and if you find any similarities to anything in the real world you are on drugs. The non bullshit answer is that I was of course influenced by real people and places but quite honestly, the characters are only very loosely based on any real people. I say loosely because it really is true. In the process of creating characters for the stories, I may have defaulted and used new or old relationships with people, and those people probably all deserve better than any hack writer like me could ever convey their likeness into print. Those real people deserve real books about their real lives, and my little shell characters are not even the start of a worthwhile tribute. But that’s not what I was trying to do.

A sample of a similarity would be that my best friend did in fact join the army, and that’s the end of anything being close to the best friend character in the prequel, and the real world him.

And while I don’t know, I would hazard a guess that most all writer’s characters are created along these same lines.

If you are a friend of mine who doesn’t find any similarities to yourself in any of my characters, then consider yourself lucky. I have maimed, drove off or killed off characters that were in fact loosely based on some of my best friends and mentors.

Further more, in regards to the main character, he is not a glorified version of myself. It has parts of who I was, who I am, and who I want to be all in different times and in different worlds and lives, but its just a guy. Of course just writing this does make me kind of a pretentious self centered dick, so maybe there are more similarities between myself and the main character than I want to admit. But again, this is a fiction story and fictional characters, just tune out, read it and enjoy.

A final legal note on pictures on this blog. I basically just grabbed the nicer ones from the Pics folder on my computer that I have seen and saved over the years. If one of them is yours and you either want the credit or want me to take it down, just ask. If I knew where they all came from, I would have asked permission in their use, but as it is, forgiveness over permission.


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