The Prequel – Pillars in the Fall

A sample from the prequel titled, Pillars in the Fall

“Are you guys still deputized after that escapee man hunt thing last spring?”

I sighed in frustration at his ignorance. “No, civilian deputizing is kind of a one time situational thing. We don’t need to have temporary badges to light some flares for you though…” I tried to remind him.

“Are you armed?”

“Why?” I cocked an eyebrow, but Clint covertly signaled me to keep my cool.

“Because all I’ve got is my shotgun and the city guys have two AR’s between them. We haven’t had to qual on a range in two years and they don’t seem too confident to me.”

“Well if you are thinking of requisitioning from us then trying to use guns you are unfamiliar with, then no we are not armed.” Clint told him matter of factly. There was a reason I really liked Clint.

Besides it was a silly question. Neither Clint nor I were naive enough to go anywhere without the ability to protect ourselves, plus food was at a premium and we were not above harvesting a deer, or anything furry really, that we ran across on any day of the week. We currently were what could be described as “well covered” in the firearm department with Clint’s scoped Enfield and a 1911, and my underfolder AK47 and .357 revolver.

“Listen,” Brad said stepping closer to the truck window “The Department, hell everybody is so maxed out and out of our league these days… you guys’re smart and have worked with us before, I might not know how to properly handle this but right now you guys create resources that we don’t have. More people are going to get hurt out here and everywhere else, stuff is not getting better and we have to look at some other options to wrap this thing up so we can get into town.”

“Brad we get it,” Clint said and got a quick confirmation nod from me, “but you need to be really clear with what you’re saying. This is outside the regs, I’m guessing outside your authority, and I’m pretty sure it’s outside the law.”

“But it’s not outside our ability.” I added. I was not looking for a fight, actually I wasn’t altogether sure why I was volunteering up for this thing but I wasn’t a timid person either.

“Lets go talk to…” Another series of popping gunshots sounded out and we looked up just in time to see that two of the city cops had been moving to assault the front door of the barricaded trailer. One of the officers went down on his back with his partner frantically pulling his arm, dragging him back to the relative safety their cars and simultaneously firing over his shoulder in the general direction of the trailer with his pistol.

Clint opened his door and stepped out as I mimicked his movements on my side of the truck. His rifle was behind the seat and my carbine was in a discrete bag under it. We each grabbed our gear and met at the tailgate. I was slung up and tucking my shirt into my waist line to gain easy access to my pistol if it was needed and I noticed Clint was a few seconds behind me in getting his bolt action set up, so I took over for a moment. “Brad, get these people back a least twice this distance and tell them to stay in their cars. Then let the city guys know that you have two friendlies in the woods…” I paused briefly to look around and get my bearings “…working northeast to southwest. We are going to set up there on that little rise. You see it?”

“I’ve got it.” He confirmed.

“Good, when you’re done with them make your way to us and stay out of sight… Take charge of this thing.” I finished in a less than grand fashion.

We split up with Brad off running towards the car behind us and us trotting into the wood line. I hoped he was smart enough to only tell the guy in the car behind ours and have him relay the information and not try to tell them all himself.

“What’d you think?” Clint asked in a hushed tone as we worked our way closer to the rise I had seen.

“What am I thinking? I’m thinking cheeseburger; Tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, no lettuce, no mayo.”

Clint looked at me for an extended second to make sure my head was indeed in the game. So I continued on to ease his fears.

“It’s a standard sniper/spotter scenario. We set up, you get dialed in, I keep my eyes up, and if Deputy Fife back there gives us the go, we go.”


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