Special Thanks

I do want to try to communicate a small fraction of my extreme appreciation to the few people who helped me out along the way while this story took form. These three people did an incredible amount of work for very, very little reward, and deserve more credit than just these words can express.

First, my cover artist Paul Beeley at Create Imaginations. The interactions with him from my initial contact through the delivered product were nothing but stellar. Paul displayed great professionalism in his timely correspondence (a pet peeve of mine, patience not being a virtue), and had a willingness to make multiple changes with never a hint of frustration. But besides all that, each image he rendered along the way, and the final cover art that he provided, they were all  just awesome. I highly recommend his work if you are in the market for high quality image creation.

Secondly is my first editor who while we did not finish the project together, her initial guidance in writing and first time authoring and editing really helped to keep me moving forward when it could have been very easy to deflate my work and momentum.

Finally there is my friend and editor, the guy who I have privately cussed at more times than anyone else I can remember in recent history, but I did it with a smile on my face. At one point I actually started writing down some of the more interesting and colorful comments that came from my running monolog as I read his edits and suggestions. He helped take what I had created and made it readable to where others might actually stay tuned into and enjoy this book.

Dude, you were the right man for the job and I look forward to teaming up again our on the next project, whatever that may be.


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