The third book, which at this point might as well be called the third and fourth, are nearing the finish line. They are sequels. They are good. They are edited… yeah, my time line has gone out the window but the end result is going to be worth it if I have anyone left that remembers they liked the first two by the time I get this next installment released.

I have been VERY occupied in the real world setting myself and my family up for the long run with a new employment opportunity along with revamping many things about my home life that make much more sense in a much simpler way when it comes to daily life and the preparedness side of things as well. Well, most things are simpler, weeding a big carrot patch is never easy.

Thanks for the continued support.



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  1. Still looking forward to the sequel, but will you publish by Thanksgiving or Christmas ? Your patient readers want to know.

  2. Pretty much finished the real text yesterday. Going to do a short epilogue then my read through, then an editors read through, finalize the title and cover in the meantime, format for ebook and paperback which takes about all of a hour… so if I have no weird holdups I think we’re still on track for that timetable.

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